How To Cook Beans In Home

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Cooking Beans:
Beans is considerd as a rich source of fiber and contains sufficient protein which contains small amount of fat and cholesterol.
Let us see the preparation of beans:
Ø  Beans can be opted as side dish or even thay can be added in the regular diet such as soups,casseroles or stews.
Ø  Soaking beans in advance can minimize the time of cookong,keep the beans in an utensil by pouring sufficient water.
Ø  Dried beans will not cook faster,so inorder to reduce the cooking time,bring a pot of water to boil and add beans to it and let them soak for four to five hours.
Ø  To get rid of digestive gas,dispose the water that beans are soaked in and cook the beans in fresh water by rinsing them thoroughly.
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