21 Home Remedies For Weight Gain

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21 Home Remedies For Weight Gain

1. Banana With Milk

Well known thing is Bananas have lot of calories rich carbohydrates along with potassium.For instant energy Bananas are the best fruit.To gain more weight eat yellow bananas in the morning time with a 250-500ml of warm milk.Mix 2-3 bananas and 1 table spoon sugar in the warm milk and mixwell.Repeat the same after your meal and evening time.Instead of sugar you can add honey for good flavor and taste.After have this mixture avoid to drink water least 1 hour.Instead of taking direct bananas adding with milk is highly recommended food.

2. Peanut Butter

High calories container Peanut butter is use on the toast and bread it will gives good result in terms of gain more weight.Peanut butter is nutritious food.Use this on wheat bread only.Regular breakfast is good result in small period of time to gain more weight.Peanut better apply on fruit slices also.It will be good taste.In western countries peanut butter add in sandwich.

3. Nuts

Dry fruits play high role to gain more weight.Dry fruits and nuts like almonds,Cashwes,walnuts,figs are add in regular snack items or sweets,ice-creams will be gain good amount of weight.Nuts contain fibers,minerals,zinc,fats.These will boost up your body cells and body will ready to take good amount of additional food too.Adding dry fruits powder and dates syrup in a warm milk and drink in breakfast time.

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4. Potatoes

High carbohydrates food is Potatoes.Most of the doctors are suggest stop eating potatoes.Why beacuase potatoes are main reason to push up weight increase.fried potatoes and with butter is good combination to have and it will impact weight gain too.According to the health university survey who are having more potato chips will increase more weight compare to the normal people weight.

If people are not interested to have oil food for those prepare simple potato salad.Boil the potatoes and cut in small pieces and add to butter milk or some other ingredients in the salad.

5. Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Smoothies

Sugar itself high calories so adding sugar in beverages it’s very natural gives delicious flavor of soft drinks.for health manner it is good to drink more in a day.Brand companies are pack the drinks with ingredients to hold the good taste.

  •     Add some amount of sugar to a fruit slices and add frozen yogurt with ice cubes.It is good combination interms of high calories food.
  •     For growing kids coffee beans drink,fruit juice,Sport drinks,Fruit powder drinks are good.
  •     pomegranate best fruit to increase weight.Adding table spoon honey to the pomegranate juice and rock salt is good mixture to gain more body weight.
  •     Coconut milk is natural nutritious and healthy one.Drink 1 cup of coconut milk for best result.

6. Noon Sleep

Except night time sleep remain time sleep will effect to gain additional weight.So after meal take 15-30 minutes walk and later take good rest to gain more weight too.

7. Exercise

Daily exercises will also improve metabolism and increase taking more food too.You have to maintain good diet while doing exercises.High nutrician food will strongly effect to the body growth and weight gain.Never stop the exercise middle of the time while body weight increase it will effect on fitness.

Taking good amount of peanut butter effect of shaped body growth.Yoga,Swimming,Rope exercises are the most preferable to get massive weight.While doing any exercises and taking diet better follow under trainer supervision.

8. Clarified Butter (Ghee) and Sugar

Adding one table spoon sugar with clarified butter and mix well.Eat this mixture 30min before having lunch.Repeat the same mixture and have with empty stomach every day before meal .It will be gives the high result interms of gain more weight.

9. Beans

For high fiber and protein beans are food for regular usage.Beans have rich carbohydrates too.Adding good amount of beans in your breakfast,lunch and dinner for better result.In beans are also different types in present market that lima beans,kidney beans,red beans,black beans.Beans soup and beans salads also good to have in various ways.Continue to have beans for least 2 months and check your increased weight.Boil beans are also good.

10. Eggs

Who are looking for rich amount of fat and calories and protein to gain more weight eggs are recommended.For strong muscles and high energy also eggs are help to generate amlas.Eggs will increase cholesterol in body.Adding 3-4 boils eggs in daily breakfast for best result and mass weight gain.For growing kids eggs are most preferable food in breakfast.Avoid to have raw eggs directly sometimes cause of health issues.

11. Marvelous Mangoes

With the name itself Mangoes are the mouth watering fruit.Mangoes are rich minerals and vitamins fruits.Adding milk to the mango juice and have daily will gives the good result.Raw mangoes will not give expected result interms of weightgain.For easy way prepare mango milkshake and drink this flavor 2-3 times in entire day.Repeat this one month for massive weight gain.

12. Noodles and Pasta

Fastfoods are also key foods to gain more weight.Pasta and Noodles are have good amount of calories and carbohydrates.For non-vegetarians add chicken in noodles anyway pasta is mostly cover with vegetables.Compare to noodles, pasta is high calorie food that is reason people who are try to loss weight reject to have pasta.Avoid Aata noodles in regular food it will effect to lose weight.

13. Grains

Many grains like wheat,brownrice,oats are the simple ways to loose the weight but if we go the proper proceeding these all are more helpful to gain good weight too.Adding milk while cook brown rice and adding milk to oats are good strength for muscles.Brownrice is the filling with fiber and carbohydrates.Even add dry fruits to oat meal or brown rice will add more zinc and fiber to the body.

14. Wheat Bread

Wheat it the rich source of fiber and zic.Wheat bread with milk is good mixture to have in morning breakfast.Wheat bread with butter or Jam good for health.Jam contain all fruit mixture with sitric salt that will help to grow bone strength.Dip the wheat bread into honey and have in the breakfast will refresh the entire and feel very light your body.

15. De-stress

In regular life stress is the biggest reason behind the more weight loss.Better to avoid more stress.To avoid this kind of more stress situation start your day with yoga times.It will give best result to control more stress and maintain good condition.

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16. Lean Red Meat

Non-vegetarian people are better to start eating lean red meat.Steak is the more protein and iron meat.Ground beef,pork prepaid foods like chops and sandwitches are prefer to eat on snack times.

17. Cheese

In milk products high protein and fat flavor is Cheese.People who try to gain more weight cheese is good to have along with wheat breads or pizza.In cheese proteins,calcium,cholesterol,fat is very high.In US goat cheese is high usage in regular foods.Try to avoid direct usage of cheese.

18. Soybeans

High fiber and calcium protein are hold in Soybeans.For Vitamin B and iron nutricians are suggest soybeans.Soybeans are help in two ways for people who want to gain weight and lose weight too.Soybeans soup or powder are add with milk for better result.

19. Yogurt

Human body needs high quantity of sugar with proteins to gain more weight and it will be available in yogurt.High calories are there in fruit based yogurt.This will consume your daily diet to gain weight.Greek yogurt holds double protein.

20. Honey

Honey is good for health and help to gain or lose weight.Honey with milk and honey with banana slices mixture is good in breakfast.Some people interest to have raw honey.Even honey with wheat bread also taste good.Do not try honey with lemon in any food flavor.

21. Natural Granola

Regular breakfast will not give much fresh to add one bowl of granola will delicious your day.With breakfast it will come 500 calories.Add dry fruits and honey in granola bowl will gives good flavor of taste.

Follow This

Every day drink 5-6 glass of water to hydrate your body.
Have sweets, chocolates, ice-cream, and cakes that will gives high calories.
Use healthy oils and fats while cook food.
Eat more dairy products regularly.

Don’t Follow This

Avoid to have fruits with an empty stomach.It will effect to gain weight.
If any smoking habit it should be stop.

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