Causes Of Heart Burn And Remedies

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Causes Of Heart Burn And Remedies
Heart burn results due to the uncommon situation like acid triggers back from stomach. It feels to make very uncomfortable such as some one lit a bonfire in your chest region and also the burning sensation leads to the area of neck.
Though the medications in this particular situation only get relief but not the permanent solution. In order to calm down the heart burn it is advised to make changes in lifestyle and opt for natural remedies.
Calcium is preferred as the primary solution for heartburn and treated as the best remedy. It acts as antacid by giving it counter action.
If you are using antacids for longer time and suffering with heart burn for more than two times a week than, it is advisable to visit the doctor as you are suffering with a disease called as GERD(Gastro esophageal reflux disease),it is caused to the recurring gastric problems. In rare cases, it may also lead to cancer. The best and permanent prevention for this type disease is to change the life style in both food and work outs.
Let us see home remedies for this common disease and their effects.
Will the Herbal Remedies for Work?
There is a product developed named as ‘Iberogast’ which is made of 9 various herbs
·         Angelica
·         Caraway
·         Clown’s mustard plant
·         German Chamomiles
·         Greater celandine
·         Lemon balm
·         Licorice
·         Milk thistle
·         Peppermint
Though some studies suggests this iberorogast helps up to some extent in relieving heartburn, but it is not the good idea to use by the GERD sufferers, as the peppermint which is present in this iberogast increases the heart burn.
Any Natural Treatments Available For Heartburn:
Melatonin, which is the supplement for sleep can be prescribed for temporary relief of heartburn. But as per the researches it is not confirmed that this particular supplement is effective for this condition or the other gastrointestinal symptoms.
It is advised to contact your doctor before using any of the supplements as they leads to other side effects and may interact with the medications that you take regularly.
Drinking Milk Relieves Heartburn:
Drinking a glass of milk is not advised during heartburn as it leads to more acid action due to the presence of fat and nutrients milk. Though it is not good for heartburn, it helps in building the bones with the help of good amount of calcium in it. Opt for skim milk in this particular condition and not to over drink. Consume 8 ounces of skim milk at once as the over consumption leads to heartburn.
Chewing Gum Effective For Heartburn?
Though it is strange ,it is true a the chewing helps in stimulating production of saliva which buffers the acid. The more often you use a gum, more effective it helps in pushing out the nasty acids out of your esophagus. Choose for a chewing gum which is sugar free in order to protect the teeth from decay.
Home Remedies For Heartburn:
Let us see the following strategies for relieving heartburn at home….
Ø  Monitor What You Eat: The first and foremost thing to follow to get rid the heartburn is eat in small portions like five or six servings instead of eating in three big size meals. Avoid foods which are high in fat, peppermint and foods like caffeine, sodas, chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, juices and foods which are spice than required. Consume foods which are rich in fiber as they helps in clearing the digestive tract and keeps it healthy.
Ø  Monitor When You Eat: Avoid eating before bed at least three to four hours before lying down as it allows some space to stomach to function it properly.
Ø  Monitor How Eat: Try to eat in small portions and ensure you chew well before swallowing.
Ø  Lose Extra Weight: Abdominal fat which is excess may lead to the acids to force into the esophagus. Make a diet chart and exercise plan to shed the extra calories.
Ø  Maintain A Diary: Note the food that you have eaten and the food which results in the heartburn, so the food you can pinpoint on the particular food and can be avoided.
Ø  Quit Smoking: Cigarette smoking not only leads to the other problems, it reduces the effectiveness of muscles  that keeps the acids in stomach itself.
Ø  Loosen Your Belt: Skin tight jeans exerts the pressure on abdomen ad leads to gastric troubles.
Ø  Rise Your Head: With the help of wood blocks rise your head up to 6 inches instead of pillows as they does not help in any form for heartburn

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