Back Pain And Mainly Effect Of Women

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Back pain and Mainly effect of women

Back pain is a condition that women often experience, pain can occur during menstruation, when pregnancy is even a normal day, pain at a moderate level it affects the quality of life, pain in a severe degree makes it difficult in daily life. If the pain is persistent and severe, it can be a sign of many serious pathologies related to the spine, liver, and reproductive health. Below are the specific causes of back pain in women.

1. Back pain due to excessive activity
Heavy arms, high-intensity sports, etc. are all the underlying causes of women’s back pain. Because the structure of the pelvic skeleton is different and women’s hormone levels differ from men’s, women are more likely to suffer from back pain. You shouldn’t be overweight and pay attention to full rest to avoid back pain.

2. Back pain due to the wrong posture
Sitting, lying, or standing in the wrong position causes the spine to bend and the surrounding muscle bands to be strained, which are also common causes of back pain. Sitting, lying, or standing in the wrong position makes you prone to prolonged back tiredness, causing back pain. Running high heels for long periods of time increases the pressure on the spine and also causes back pain.

3. Overweight or obese.
Women who are overweight will frequently experience back pain. Heavy body loads that put pressure on the spine for a long time can cause waist pain.

4. Back pain during menstruation
Data suggests that 40% to 50% of women have back pain when they come to menstruation; back pain can occur before menstruation as a warning sign; and back pain lasts until the end of menstruation. These back pains are mainly due to a sudden change in the hormone prostaglandin in the body, which can be caused by a contraction of the uterus, which causes the lobe to squeeze onto the lower part of the body, especially the waist, and spread to the thighs.

5. Arthritic diseases.
When entering the pre-menopausal phase, women are at risk of arthritis, ligament inflammation, spinal cord discomfort, degeneration of the spine, osteoporosis, and back pain, which are symptoms of the above pathologies. The pain is usually more intense than in other cases and is a serious pathological problem. If back pain occurs when you bend, you should see a doctor for treatment.

6. Back pain during pregnancy
Most women experience back pain during pregnancy, which can occur throughout the pregnancy, especially in the last three months. Thanks to the hormone relaxin, the pelvis expands in preparation for later childbirth, the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic area expand, and the joints become looser. The stretching of the ligaments and muscles causes back pain, often accompanied by pelvic pain.

If your back pain is moderate, you can relieve it at home with the following simple methods:
Body massage: Massage the back with mustard or ginger essential oil, which relieves the waist muscles and increases blood circulation, thereby effectively relieving back pain.

Cold freezing: low temperatures reduce back pain; freezing directly to the back pain site helps to reduce blood vessel contraction, anesthesia, and local pain.

Use painkillers: Among the methods for relieving back pain at home, the painkiller is the most popular because of its effective pain-relieving effect thanks to the components that relieve pain and local anesthesia that alleviate back pain.

Back pain significantly affects women’s mental and physical health. Difficulty walking as well as daily activities and back pain that make you unable to sleep comfortably lead to insomnia, prolonged memory loss, and psychological problems. Women who often suffer from back pain will feel less confident. Reducing the quality of a woman’s sexual life, many studies show that couples limit sex when their wife has back pain and thus form psychological fatigue and stress in a marital relationship. Here are some tips to help you prevent back pain with simple steps.

1. Dietary adjustments
Complimentary proteins, calcium, and vitamin D are substances that support bone regeneration and make bones strong. Don’t eat foods that are high in sugar or fat, which cause weight gain. A reasonable weight control helps women avoid back pain and be in good shape.

2. Change position correctly.
The right posture in all activities is to keep your back straight. Instead of sitting on a seat, sit straight, loosen your shoulders, and drop your feet on the floor so that your feet are parallel to the ground. After one to two hours of sitting at work, you should get up and move, gently moving for five to 10 minutes to give the waist a resting time. Especially when you’re on heavy loads, you need to spread your legs and then sit down, keep your back straight, and then slowly lift your weight without bending your back.

3. Choose suitable seats, pillow, and mattresses.
For an office worker who must sit and work for hours, a good chair keeps your spine from bending and is comfortable for long periods of time. The quality of the pillow and mattress is also important; you should not lie too high, so choose a pillow with a soft hair material, a smooth mattress, and a moderate thickness. This will not only make you have a good sleep, but it will also keep your spine in the best condition when lying without back pain every morning.

4. Exercise regularly.
Spend at least 30 minutes a day on bodybuilding, focusing on abdominal and spinal muscle exercises that train the strength of muscle groups. For pregnant women, practicing gentle yoga exercises also helps to relax the waist muscles, improving blood circulation and thus significantly reducing back pain.
The pain in the back causes many difficulties in life and work, which silently reduces the quality of life.

In some cases, back pain is temporary and can go away on its own if treated properly. However, back pain can sometimes be a sign of a dangerous pathology. Therefore, if you see any signs of an abnormality in your back, you should go to the clinic as soon as possible so that you can intervene in a timely manner.

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