26 Stress Managing Tips

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26 Stress Managing Tips
1.Spare 30 minutes per day exclusively for yourself.
2.Try to control stress as it is in your hand when to take over and to cool down.
3.Control yourself before others control you and your situation.
4.Stress chemicals are burned with daily workouts and exercises.
5.Consume lot many fresh fruits and vegetables as they are treated as balanced diet and helps to perform the body at its best.
6.Try to forgive the one who disturbs you, as tolerating them with happiness makes you happy and helps in managing stress efficiently.
7.Try to avoid the issues that are not important as far as you concerned.
8.Be free to share feelings like kisses, hugs and laughter with others as they makes you happy.
9.Plan to deal the matters perfectly the next time that causes stress .
10.Dont set the goals unless and until you are interested in particular things.
11.Maintain positive attitude as they reflect your inner feelings and restricts the stressors.
12.Try to limit the alcohol, smoking and the drugs as they lead to cause stress often and also effects one behavior.
13.managing money is the primary constraint, try to save minimum 10% from the earnings.
14.Without feeling guilty, practice the word ‘No’.
15.Find the time to share joy with friends and family, participate in the outdoor activities
16.Listening to music is the best stress burner.
17.Smoking not only injurious to health, it also helps to cause stress.
18.Talking less is always a better idea in fact try to listen more from friends and relatives. Enjoy nature.
19.Sleeping in a good posture and maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the room you sleep with a firm mattress and a comfortable pillow.
20.Moderate yourself with different ideas like spending time with dear ones, having dinners out and watching movies with loved ones.
21.Understand others by thinking in the place of the opposite person.
22.Try cross check the things before blame a person. Verify the reasons.
23.Worrying does not provide any solution, instead it makes way to cause stress.
24.Regular visits to favorite places yearly with in your budget gives a big relief to both mind and body.
25.Set the goals to achieve things based on your priorities to things like in relationships and in career.
26.Enjoy each and every day as it is new to you, accept it whatever comes in your way. Treat your self as a gift to this world and vice versa. 
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