Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

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Top 10 Fat Burning Foods
Extra fat in the body can be reduced with some fat burning foods
Let us see 10 foods that burn fat
1.Oats: Oats is known for their abundant properties of fiber, which is used to stabilize the levels of cholesterol by not only good in taste also helps in reducing hunger.
2.Eggs:Eating egg regularly makes muscles and bones strong, eggs are rich in protein which helps in keeping the appetite full though the food consumption is less.
3.Apples:An apple a day keeps doctor a way, though it is very familiar saying it is accepted by every one, as they are rich in anti oxidants and other vitamins and minerals. The main reason for consuming apple especially when you are in weight loss programme, it contains pectin where it plays an active role in reducing fat cells in the body.
4.Green Chillies: Green chillies contains capsaicin where it helps in developing the growth cells in the body and reduced fat cells and cholesterol.
5.Garlic: Garlic has a special ingredient allicin where it is rich in anti bacterial properties which is useful in reducing fat and helps in burning bad cholesterol.
6.Honey: Honey is the rich source of anti oxidants and it is considered as the beat food in reducing fat, daily take honey with warm water in the morning in empty stomach.
7.Green Tea: It plays a vital role in washing out the bad cholesterol that is deposited in the body as it is rich in anti oxidants and very useful in losing weight. By regular intake, it stabilizes the body metabolism and helps in maintaining healthy weight. For best results it is advised to consume 2 cups of green tea.
8.Wheat Grass: Fat is reduced by boosting our metabolism.
9.Tomatoes:These are rich in Vitamin C, it helps to burn the fat quickly and effectively. It also plays a major role in keeping away the risk of cancer. So add tomatoes in your regular diet.
10.Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate contains healthy flavonoids where increases blood circulation, its anti inflammatory properties helps in reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood. Growth of serotonin in the blood is increased by it and burns the extra fat from the body.
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