A To Z Essential Vitamins For Body

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The Nutritionists, dieticians and health experts generally prefer the natural food that is available in various naturally available foods instead of taking supplements. The prescribed diet for an individual is to take wholesome and balanced diet that fulfills the need of our body. Here are some letters which is helpful in supplying essential nutrients and minerals from A(that is Vitamin A) to Z(Zinc)
1. A (Vitamin A):
This vitamin is very essential for good vision, healthy teeth and for younger skin and general growth and development of individual.
Source: Carotene pigment is available in foods which is in orange/red co lour such as carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe melons.
2. B Vitamin:
This vitamin plays a vital role in production of sufficient energy, immunity function and absorption of iron.
Source: This is a very crucial group of nutrients which are available in whole unprocessed foods such as wholesome grains, meet, potatoes, lentils, bananas, beans, chilli peppers, molasses and yeast.
3.C Vitamin:
This is good for iron absorption of body, skin elasticity, anti-oxidants and for strengthening blood vessels.
Source: Of course oranges is the best source for this vitamin also other fruits like guava, kiwi, grapes, red and green peppers, cantaloupe and Brussels sprouts.
4.D Vitamin:
It is very necessary for healthy and strong bones.
Source: It is primarily available in spending some time in sun in the morning, apart from this it is available in foods like eggs, fish and in Mushrooms.
5.E Vitamin:
It is good for protecting from free radicals, for healthy and beautiful skin and proper circulation of blood,
Source: Almonds are the good source of vitamin E. It is also filled in other nuts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes etc.
6.K Vitamin:
It plays a vital role in clotting the blood quickly, the process is termed as Coagulation.
Source: Green leafy vegetables are the natural source for this vitamin K, so add your diet with kale, spinach, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
7.Folic Acid:
It is essential for cell renewal and for preventing defects of birth in pregnancy.
Source: There are various sources for folic acid such as dark leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, broccoli, lentils, green peas, asparagus, nuts, cauli flower, beetroots, corns, seeds etc.
It is good to maintain healthy teeth and bones.
Source: As it is well known in where it is available like the diary products, yogurt, milk, tofu, cheese, corn and molasses that are in black.
It is essential for building of muscles and for maintaining healthy blood.
Source: The main source of iron is clams which possess the sufficient amount of iron in it. The other source of iron apart from this is oysters and organic meat like liver. For vegetarians there are foods such as soy beans, cereals, beans, pumpkin seeds, spinach, lentils are the good source of iron.
It is best for glucose function that each and every cell of our body would get energy by intake of sufficient chromium.
Source: The intake of whole grains and fresh servings of fruits and vegetables in our regular diet gets sufficient amount of chromium.
It plays a vital role in providing immunity to the body and fertility.
Source: Zinc is rich in oysters and sea foods and vegetarians can get it from spinach, nuts, beans and primarily in dark chocolate.
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