10 Health Habits For Good Health

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                  10 Health Habits For Good Health

1.After wakeup in the early morning drink 1 glass of water will refresh the mood and very health habit.

2.Daily little walk or yoga or exercise will give you good health.

3.Do not have break fast immediately after brush your teeth.Least wait 15 -20mins.

4.Drink fresh juice every 3 hours in day time.

5.Have medium meal before 1pm in noon time.

6.Avoid having fruits after your lunch immediately.Should be 2 hours gap from your lunch time.

7.In snack time take little food without added any oil.Prefer boiled type.

8.Night hour doctors advised to have small meal that can help for good sleep.

9.Fruits and milk should avoid after dinner immediately.wait for 30min for those.

10.Reach bed by 10pm for good sleep.Happy sleeping hours 10pm-5am.

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