Why Coconut Oil Is Natures Miracle

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Coconuts are accepted as trees of life. They are very useful and can be utilized for various purposes like in food, oils, cosmetics, medicines etc. Coconut roots can be used for beverages, dye stuff and medicine. Coconut trunks are used for buildings. Shells are used for handicrafts and charcoal for cooking. 
Safe & Nutritious cooking
While we choose cooking oil we need to know which is best. Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soya, corn and canola oils are polyunsaturated and damaged by heating have been exposed health challenges today. Coconut is one of few oils not damaged when heated during cooking with high temperature. Over 90% of Fat is saturated, if we have some knowledge of chemistry and atomic bonds, which explains that coconut oil is solid at room temperature and doesn’t sour rapidly. This also makes coconut oil tempting to many candy makers, who use in products that won’t melt until it is tasted.
Energy Boosting Snack
Coconut oil comprises an individual form of saturated fat termed as MCT (medium chain triglycerides). Unlike other fatty oils, saturated fats provide energy source for the body by which fat is stored. That’s the reason we see increase in small single used sachets of coconut oil goods appears at health and food stores.
Why don’t animals get skin cancer and this may surprise everybody else?Usually,animals bask under the sun and we cover our skin with masks,umbrellas  and other cloths to protect our skin from sun rays.We use sunscreen and it blocks the aborption of vitamin D which prevents cancer.Actually,we see a label  on sunscreen DON’T CONSUME but we rub on the skin to absorb into the body.
Instead of using sunscreen’s use coconut oil to protect your skin.And it is used for thousands of years  to protect them from the sunrays and apply a thin layer of coconut oil to their whole body which secures them from sunburnt and increases skin tone.Apply coconut oil daily on your skin as mother uses oil to rub the skin to newborn baby..
Coconut oil is used as a main ingredient in sunscreen lotions which cures the skin and stops harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.And it is high in antioxidants and which helps in preventing oxidative harm that stimulates skin cancer. 
Boosts Immune Function
Dissolved coconut oil can affect the bacteria which  produce tooth decay.It is a real antibiotic  which includes in dental care products.Rub coconut oil on your teeth and then brush your teeth for cure and shield as you go for nap.Coconut oil  supports a anti microbial properties and it is used for curing Alzimers,heart diseases and other diseases.Using coconut oil helps in weight loss and decreasing of abdominal obesity.

Healthy Skin and Hair
Coconut oil is main for our skin and hair which bonds with the hair follicles and makes them strong and darker. In coconut oil,fatty acids has a micro molecular form and go directly into the hair’s cell membrane,which allows oil to penetrate the hair  which gives deep conditioning which differentiates other conditioners.It is also very good skin conditioner that moisturizes which acts as  a  protective barrier.It is rich in anti oxidants,burst with real microbial and antibacterial agents and it is a right anti aging moisturizer and better for wrinkles,scars and stretch marks.
Bug Repellent and pretty much everything else.
Coconut oil can work for mosquito and bug resistant, our skin can be saved from damaging chemicals which are used in many business products. Already scratching away at vexing bites? We can stop itching with coconut oil. It may helps the bite wound without leaving scar since it is antibacterial which help protect from getting infected.
The importance of coconut oil never appear to end. Coconut oil can productively replace certain chemicals like acne creams, anti dandruff, anti fungals, body lotions, hemorrhoid creams, hair conditioner, sun burn lotion, lip balm etc.
Sex Lubricant
As cocunut is nature’s marvel medicene and it has naughty side. Though coconut oil is frozen at room temperature, when empowered to warm to room temperature it comfortably dissolves into the skin. As mentioned earlier it is antibacterial and antiviral the oil, if you rub bit swiftly in your hands for couple of seconds you will find liquid. It is safe to the tender tissues of sex organs.

Not every coconut oil is generated equally. Wise to decide virgin or extra virgin coconut oils of difference to keep away from chemical and refining processes that makes oil unhealthy for consumption and use. Either way taking into consideration coconut oil is notably lesser than its commercial and chemical peer. Relish our nature’s coconut oil adventure.

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