10 Best Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

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              10 Best Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

1.Every day after waking up splashing rose water on face will gives you very fresh look and keep enliven mood .

2.Take some cotton and dip into the rose water clean your face that will remove the traces of last makeup and smelling fresh all the day.Rose water can use cleanser for daily.

3.For natural face pack combination of sandal powder,Lemon juice and rose water will help to cure pimples.Use this face-pack for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.

4.Rose water can use any facepack just avoid the water and use rose water and see the change in the face glow.

5.Combination of 2 spoons Rose water and Tomato juice facepack will help to treat sunburn effectively.

6.Add some rose water in beet root juice for Lip pack.This pack will redden lips naturally.

7.Rose water is best conditioner for hair.After shampoo hair  massage youe hair with rose water for good result of hair growth.

8.Mix 5ml of Rose water in bath water effects to skin glow and natural skin smell for the entire day.

9.Rose water add to almond oil is the good moisturizer and it gives fair skin.

10.In summer hair will become dry and dull so prepare hair pack follow rose water and jojoba oil mix it and massage for 15min and leave the hair for 1 hour and wash with cold water.This oil combination will give smooth hair and add additionally hair growth.

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