Easy Ways To Obtain Pink Lips

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Easy Ways To Obtain Pink Lips
Majority of people don’t have pink lips. They have dark and pale lips which are not attractive.
Dull and black lips can form a black spot in your beauty.
Different causes behind black lips are life style, weather change, chewing tobacco, chemotherapy, excessive, smoking, use of cosmetics, less blood circulation in the lips, stress, exposing lips to sun rays, humid temperature…But don’t get upset about dull and black lips, can turn to pink and soft lips.
 To get natural pink lips, no necessity to spend cash on products. We can prepare natural products from our kitchen.
1. To get pink lips, scrub your lips with toothbrush every night after brushing your teeth.
  Helps in removing dry skin around your lips.
2. Massage your lips by lemon juice with almond oil every night before going to bed. This helps in nourishment and keeps your lips moisturized. It will reduce dark color of your lips.
3. Remove makeup from your lips before going to bed. For removing the make up use some almond oil or olive oil on cotton ball and rub the lips with it. Using lipstick and lip gloss while sleeping may be the reason behind your dark lips.
4. Scrub your lips with sugar mixed with cold cream the black color lips will fade.
You can use olive oil instead of cold cream. By this way you can give natural color and shine
to your lips.
5. There is a oil called sebum, produce by the skin on the lips. The lips should be always moisturized to get soft and pink lips.
  Use lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips, when you are outside and coco butter when you are in the house.
6. Pomegranate seeds can be used to reduce the black color of your lips and give pink color.
  Use pomegranate seeds in squash form stir it with milk cream and apply on your lips. Your lips will turn to redder and you can use this mixture without any side effects.
7. Apply cucumber juice on your lips, helps in decreasing the dark color of the lips. When you have time rub your lips with a slice of cucumber. Daily 5 minutes scrubbing with cucumber juice will reduce the color of lips making it pink.
8. Rose petals are also used to get pink color of your lips. Take some rose petals and soak it in milk for sometime and blend the petals and add few drops of honey and glycerin to the mixture.
 Now take this mixture and pat on your lips for 15 minutes. And then rub off your lips with milk.
  Follow this treatment daily for amazing results.
9. For few minutes, rub the lips with cotton soaked in carrot juice or beetroot juice. In this way you can easily nourish the lips. For good result, add a pinch of saffron with the juice.
 Saffron helps in keeping dry lips moisturized.
10. While eating an orange keep the orange peel, helps a lot to cure black and dull lips.
  To purify the skin of your lips use orange peel and to reduce the dark skin tone of your lips.
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