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                                                BRAIN DAMAGING HABITS
No Breakfast:-

 Not having daily breakfast people could be racked with diabetes. This can lead to inadequate supply of nutrients which may cause brain degeneration.

Overeating thickens brain arteries, leading to reduction of mental power.


It causes numerous brain diminution and may lead to Alzheimer infection.

High Sugar consumption:-
By having consuming high sugar it cut short consumption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may hamper brain development
Air Pollution:-
Brain is the biggest oxygen consumer in our body. Breathing polluted air reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, which decreases brain efficiency.

Sleep Deprivation:-
Proper sleep makes our brain to rest. Deep rooted deprivation from sleep will expedite the death of brain cells.

Head covered while sleeping:-
Sleeping while head covered expands the absorption of carbondioxide and reduces absorption of oxygen which leads to brain damage.
Working your brain during illness:-
Dedicate working or studying with illness, leads to decrease in capability of brain as well as damage the brain.

Lacking in stimulating thoughts:-

Thinking is the ideal way to train our brain, inadequate of brain stimulaton thoughts may  cause brain reduction.

Talking Ralely:-
Cerebral conversations will improves the capability of the brain..


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