8 Vegetables To Expand Your Health And Beauty

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8 Vegetables To Expand Your Health And Beauty
Looking beautiful is not exception for any one. Each and every person wants to look beautiful and healthy, in that process they invest a huge amount of money in several beauty products. But without spending money there is a natural way to look beautiful for years together. Just eat what we suggested below and concentrate on your plate to make it filled with fresh vegetables and fruits.
1. Spinach:
Dark and green vegetables are no doubt, the best supplements of energy and beauty. Spinach is one of the moat desired leaf for a healthy and beautiful skin and eyes. It plays a vital role in making eyes to look beautiful and impressive as they are the first sighted by any one when you talk to the others. Spinach is rich in zeaxanthin and carotenoids luten which makes the eyes look beautiful and brighter. It also loaded with Iron, zinc which are very essential for women for their healthy living and it also gives a complexion that never make people to turn off from you. So what are you looking for, just eat spinach everyday as your regular diet by making it as salads, sauted veggies or a side dish in your tasty rotis or chapattis. For a tasty spinach recipes try to garnish it with a cream cheese or olive oil. If you like the taste you can also make a refreshing smoothie by blending it with some cucumber, ice cubes and lime which makes it refreshed as well as nutritious.
2. Red Cabbage: 
Red cabbage not only adds a delicious flavor to our salads, it also gives a fascinating and fabulous color to it. This purple vegetable is rich in sulfur and iodine which cleanse the skin from inner side for giving it a radiant glow. It flushes out toxins from the body as you can’t look gorgeous with presence of toxins in your system. This awesome vegetable can be added in your salads in a raw form or boiled adds nutrition to your food and attracts you to eat with positive feeling.
3. Kale:
It is one of the renowned vegetable for beautiful and supple skin. A cp of cooked kale gives you sufficient amounts of nutrients like vitamin K which prevents heart diseases and osteoporosis. You look beautiful and enhance your skin glow with the regular consumption of this power veggie. There is the other type of kale named winterbor kale which is loaded with high amounts of Vitamin K which helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay.
4. Beetroots: 
Beetroots are purple/pink in color which looks to be awesome. Adding sufficient amount of beets in your regular diet not only make you look young and beautiful also helps in maintaining body metabolism. Try the beetroot juice everyday as first drink in morning helps you look young as it contains a key component called betaine and also loaded with chlorine which is the important nutrient for health and beauty.
5. Eggplant: 
This shiny and attractive purple vegetable gives a shiny and radiant skin which gives an impressive appearance. It contains a special anti-ageing properties called nasunin, which gives thin veggie a purple color and it also prevents cancer cells. It not only prevents cancer cells to spread but also adds benefits to cognitive functions. As per the research, this substance nasunin restricts free radicals that enter into brain which leads to Alzheimer’s disease with the damaging of neurons.
6. Basil:
 It is considered to be magical medicinal plant that cures several diseases. It is a staple ingredient in most of the pastas and Asian dishes. As this herb is rich in its anti-oxidant properties particularly eugenol which you can count on its properties in improving skin’s texture and also digestive system by flushing out the toxins that are accumulated. The basil’s primary component eugenol helps in preventing cancer cells from multiplying and causing damage to the whole body. Since these cells get diminish with this anti-carcinogenic properties over health of the body in ultimate condition and obviously you look beautiful when you are healthy from inside.

7. Brussels Sprouts: 
These are rich in sulfur compounds that helps in preventing tumor growth by restricting certain enzymes that leas to abnormal growths in body. As per latest studies, consuming these brussel sprouts donates maximum amount of sulfur compounds that are essential for daily growth. This is the primary substance for minimizing chances of infection, inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis.
8. Red Bell Pepper: 
Red bell pepper is rich in vitamin C which enhances the growth of white blood cells which minimizes the causes of bacteria and germs in your body. With sufficient intake of Vitamin C, immune system gets strength and your body is less prone to infections. It also plays a vital role in getting wrinkle free skin as it contains high amounts of vitamin C by stimulating the collagen production which leads to ageing.
With regular intake of the above mentioned vegetables look beautiful and evergreen. Stay healthy and fit with the super foods that are mentioned above.

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