The Best Ways to Deal with Shiny Skin

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The Best Ways to Deal with Shiny Skin

Come winters and your oily skin will start getting dry and flaky.! For some people, their oily skin continues to shine throughout the year and troubling them. I count myself in! I have been dealing with my super shiny skin since many years. There have been days when I have felt frustrated to no ends (hot scorching days!) due to it. But with so much of experiments with different kinds of products, home remedies and tricks, I have learned to manage it to a good extent. Here are my two cents on dealing with shiny skinin the most effective ways:

1)    Do not use a harsh cleanser

–         One of the biggest mistakes I was making with my oily skin was using a harsh cleanser which stripped off all the moisture level from my skin. I was under the misconception that the harsher a cleaner is, the more effective it will be removing dirt and grime from my face. And that it will keep away oil from my face for a considerable amount of hours. However it’s only noticed with time that I noticed that my skin was producing more oil as a result of it to compensate the loss for it. I researched more about it and turned out I was right. I immediately switched to gentle cleansers which made a world of difference for me. I wasn’t running for moisturizers as soon as I washed my face.

The Best Ways to Deal with Shiny Skin

2)    Use a moisturizer

–         Yes! You read it right! All along you must have thought that since your skin is already so oily, you don’t need another layer of hydration. However you should know that oiliness and hydration are different aspects. All you have to take care of is get a moisturizer as per your skin type. Oily skinned people do not need a butter rich moisturizer as it will only add to the oiliness. Instead purchase a moisturizer that is water based as they are light in texture. They get easily absorbed and do not leave behind a greasy residue.

3)    Make regular use of ice cubes

–         With oily skin, also comes the problem of whiteheads, blackheads, large pores and pimples. There are many beauty benefits of using ice cubes on face. Their cooling effect can help you suppress the size of pimples and even reduce their redness. You have to put an ice cube in a soft cloth and apply it over the affected area till it dissolves. Do this 2-3 times a day whenever a pimples pops on your face. To make your makeup last longer, rub ice cubes on your face before starting with the ritual. Rubbing ice also helps in blurring the size of pores to a good extent on a temporary basis.Just ensure that you use ice on your skin only after wrapping it in soft cloth since facial skin is very sensitive and can react negatively to it.

4)    Use face packs twice a week

–         Using face packs two times every week is beneficial in many ways. First, it helps keep excessive sebum in check. Second, different kinds can target different kinds of problems. I mostly benefit from Sandwalwood and fuller earth’s mud pack. Both the face packs have natural cooling properties which provide the much needed relief for my skin. Mud based face packs are best for oily skin as they soak away excess oil and pose a solution for curing pimples as well as blackheads. You can prepare home packs in some simple steps easily. Or if you are short on time, you can purchase them online too.

5)    Always keep blotting papers

–         Oil blotting papers are boon for oily skinned people for us. Going through an elaborate makeup process for your oily skin can be fun. But what do you do when you notice oil creeping back on your face within 2 hours only? Well, you would start re-touching up with compact to remove it. But that is inappropriate and unhygienic. You should be first using oil blotting sheets to take away excess oil from your face so that you apply powder on clean skin. Even if you haven’t applied makeup, blotting sheets can come in very handy to remove excess oil from your face. As I said, they are a life saver!

6)    Follow a CTM routine religiously

–         CTM stands for cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleansing involves making your face squeaky clean. Toning involves reduction of your pore size in the long run, adjusting the pH balance of your skin, refreshing your skin and adding a layer of protection to tighten cell gaps after cleansing. The last step is moisturizing the restore the moisture content. If you follow a CTM routine on a regular basis, you will be successful in avoiding most problems that surround oily skin. Just ensure that you use products as per your skin type to benefit from it properly. Stick diligently to your routine and you will notice at least a subtle difference in less than two weeks.

7)    Opt for exfoliators instead of scrubs

–         Instead of going for scrubs that are harsh on skin and can even cause pimples because of the abrasive elements in them, go for exfoliators. Exfoliators have gentle granules in them and are equally effective in removal of dead skin. AHA glow face exfoliator is a very popular exfoliator that does the work of exfoliating beautifully without any usage of harsh granules. That is why it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. You can also prepare homemade scrubs if you do not want to purchase over the counter products.

Hope these tips and tricks help you big time in managing your shiny skin. Be consistent with these measures to notice a visible difference! Give them time to work and do not get impatient.

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