Tips to Identifying Kidney Problem Early

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Tips to Identifying Kidney problem early

One of the most important parts in human body is Kidney,which takes major part to extract waste material from the body, this waste material comes from different parts of the body, after consuming the good nutrients in the food in the form of liquid state, which is taken through the thought, remaing material we are called waste material. This waste material extract by the kidney and send to blader. From that blader it sends to the urinal tube to pump out from the body.

So, this is the one of the major part for human beings to live longer healthily.Every human being having two kidneys in that each take part to filter the liquid materials in the body and incase of one kidney failure, we can manage with one kidney.The major functionalities of the kidney are, Waste excretion,water level balancing, Blood pressure regulation function ,Red blood cells regulation and Acid regulation.

Tips to Identifying Kidney problem early

It filters approximately 180liters per day or 6liters an hour. The major symptoms of kidney diseases which we shouln’t ignore.

  1. Urinary function change: Most of the people can observe at any point of the is life that, the urinary color change, this is because of kidney functionality become slower than its actual functionality. This is happens due to acid regulation failure. This may happen by the heavy salts flow in the water or by the heavy active protective cells damage by the harmful cells.
  2. Paining of kidneys: Some times while doing urinal it is getting painful to do, this is happens due to infection and if this infection reaches upto the kidney that may cause to kidney pain. This will affect the functionality of the kidneys and sometimes it may cause to fever and back-pain also.
  3. Blood in urine: This is one of the major issue. Incase of blood coming through the urinal tube,it may cause cancer. If there is any such type of symptoms better to consult a doctor immediately.
  4. Swelling from hands,feet and Ankles: Kidney filters approximately 180liters of water every day. If it exceeds the limit,the remaining water filtration may not be done properly. So the excess amount of water swell from the hands and feet and ankles etc.
  5. Getting body cold: This symptom causes due to the affect of anemia. Even when the surroundings are warm body feels cold and some times causes feverish feeling. This anemia means one kind of kidney infection,if it spreads to the kidney, then it stops or slows down its functionality,this may cause overflow of waste liquid material and spreads all over the body.

This kind of situation affects on body and causes illness to the human body.And this overflow of waste material to the body causes swelling spreads bad smell out from the body.

Tips to Identifying Kidney problem early01

  1. Metallic smell out from mouth: Specific quantity of urea is required for filtering function and to maintain stable PH levels in the body. This is also maintained by the kidney. Excess amount of urea will be sent to urinary blader.

If the kidney failure occurs this will stops its work and excess amount of urea spreads in the body and it symptoms like metallic taste(Dyspepsia) on tongue and ammonia smell comes while breathing.

  1. Skin problems: Most of the people face this skin problems in life. But few cases this kind of shin rashes or itching problems comes due to the kidney problems. When the kidney functionality fails then the waste material spreads in the body and it infects skin also.

               These skin problems makes the difference in daily life and causes skin rashes too.

  1. Body weakness: Another major function performed by the kidneys are producing a hormone called erythropoietin. It helps to make red blood cells, these red blood cells are more useful and protects body from different bad cell attacks from external side. Red blood cells carry himodlobin to various parts of the body,it helps to carry oxygen to the body parts and takes carbon-di-oxide from the body parts.

                             kidney functionality failure or low, will decreases the level of produce erythropoietin,it effects on making red blood cells and it affects on the body and body get weak.

  1. Difficulty to breath: When kidneys are getting lower in performance then the waste liquid material spreads on lungs, this will get problem to take breathing easily. If it continues longer then it affects on brain functionality and it will become unable to take proper decisions on perfect time.

The waste material spreading in to the lungs may create seviour problems in body, so it is better to consult doctor as early as possible.

  1. Back pain and lower pain: Most of us gets back pain in our daily life but this may cause in some cases due to kidneys problem also. When the functional area of the kidney gets stop or slower then over flow of liquids in the kidneys will cause of stones in the kidneys.

This will make difficulty in our routine life, because of stones in the kidney. Even to identify and to melt these stones is also much more difficult. In this kind of situations it is suggest able to consult a doctor immediately.
These are the major symptoms which we can observe when there is a problem arise in kidneys. Most of the people no able to identify such type of symptoms and it leads to seviour problems later.

We hope this will give a good information about kidneys and its side effects. Most of the times kidney problems not expose early stage. When the situation going worst then only it is going to know by all of us. By knowing these symptoms information, try to identify such kind of problems and try to avoid all kidney related problems earlier.

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