10 Ways For Prevention Of Oral Cancer

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10 Ways For Prevention Of Oral Cancer
Oral cancer in India is considered to be most dreadful calamity affecting the people of all age groups and genders. People in the present time ignore their health to meet their needs by designing the life with hectic schedules.
 The synopsis of the country shows to be the India is the capital of the world for oral cancer with 86 percent contribution among the 100 percent cases recorded.
The major cause for this situation is consumption of gutka and some other tobacco products. The issue of considering it to be serious is among the people who are affected to oral cancer, the major victims tend to be youth as they get adapted to the fashion by knowingly or not. 
There is also the other reason for this tendency is that there is a misconception in the people that it cannot be cured and most of the victims blame their fate or bad luck for their condition and they ignore it. But the perception is that it similar to the other diseases and is caused with different lifestyles and food habits of the people.
“There are some changes to be made in our life style to prevent cancer including quit smoking, avoid junk foods and a sedentary life style” says Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, Head and Neck surgeon in Tata Memorial hospital and also suggests some changes in our lifestyle to prevent the awful disease.
1. Relinquish Tobacco: Tobacco is prone to be the causes of cancer whether it is consumed raw or as gutka causes same effects and leads to cancer.
2. Quit Smoking: Smoking any of the forms like cigarettes, bidies, pipes, hukka etc are the main causes that leads to oral cancer.
3. Cutdown Betel Nut And Pan Masala:Betel nut and supari are considered to be major cause and it is the primary ingredient in pan which results in a dangerous cause.
4. Quit Alcohol: Alcohol is a well established risk for causing oral cancer and it is a dangerous approach when it is consumed along with tobacco products.
5. Watch For Oral Hygiene: Brush your teeth twice daily and floss as it is a renowned reason for oral cancer.
6. Examination For Oral Health: Early detection of cancer can be done by observing your mouth with sufficient amount of light whether there is are any ulcers developing internally, bleeding areas, abnormal patches or swelling are sighted at the time of observation is to considered as serious as these are the symptoms.
7. Check With Dentists: The dentist is the first person to detect oral cancer at the time of consultation and report him about any trauma causing by a sharp tooth.
8. Don’t Expose To Sun: Exposing too much to sun is to be avoided as it is the source for UV rays entering into body and make sure you apply good amount of sun screen lotion while going out if necessary in the sun.
9. Avoid Ignoring Ulcers or Pain Through Bleeding:If you undergo any pain and bleeding in the mouth consult doctor as early as possible as it leads to some serious oral problems.
10. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle And Proper Diet: A diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and cereals to be taken with a healthy life style by walking or some work outs can prevent several diseases and to avoid sedentary life style.
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