Best Natural Ways for Glorious Skin

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The best Natural Ways for Glorious Skin

Skin sagging and brightness fall is a natural process, when we grow older. These changes mainly we can observe in skin and face etc. But it can be avoid by doing simple natural tips. These natural tips are studied and experimented and finally suggested.

These are natural remedies, which we can do it home without any hassles. It gives definite result. Let us see the tips,


  • Egg white pack: Take egg white in a cup and add 2 table spoons of thyme oil, Mix well and apply to the face. Egg white helps to tight the sagging skin and thyme oil will help to rehydrate skin. This combination helps to tighten the loose skin and for glorious skin tone.

The best Natural Ways for Glorious Skin



  • Banana Pack: This is also one of the best tips. Take one ripe mashed banana in a bowl and add one tea spoon of olive oil and one table spoon of honey. Apply on the face and keep it until it become dry. Later wash it gently. It gives glowing skin instantly.
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  • Turmeric Powder paste: This is one of the olden days best face pack. Take 2 table spoons of turmeric and add sufficient water. Apply evenly on your face and keep it for 15minutes and wash gently with cold water. This will helps to improve skin elasticity.
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  • Strawberry and yogurt mask: Take few strawberries and paste it and add yogurt, mix well and apply on face. Keep it for few minutes and wash it. It will helps to tighten the sagging skin and improves face look with fresh feel.

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  • Tomato pack: Take tomato juice and apply gently on to the face. Apply in a circular motion from bottom to top. Keep it for a while and wash with cold water. Mainly it reduce the pores and makes your skin bright.

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  • Sandalwood pack: Take pure sandalwood powder/paste(better to extract paste by rubbing sandalwood stick on rock), apply it gently on face. It will deliver a natural look. It is also one of the most olden and best home remedy. It completely avoids dry spots, Oily skin, sweat etc.

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