Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane

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Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane
Ø  Sugar Cane is well known for every one, it is not only tasty it also has necessary and desirable nutrients like protein, calcium, iron
Ø  Sugar consists of  low glycemic index which helps to make body healthy and fit,
Ø  As per the recent studies it is known that sugar cane juice helps in treating and preventing cold, flu and sore throat.
Ø  Since Sugar cane is naturally sweet there is no need to add sugar and hence it is prescribed for diabetic people. But it is restricted for the people who have Type-II Diabetes.
Ø  Sugar Cane is a good source of iron and glucose, hence it helps in building up of muscles naturally, since it contains much water content it hydrates the body quickly when it is exhausted with numerous physical activities. Hence it is highly recommended for people such as athletes, daily waged laborers who are fatigued with physical activities.
Ø  Sugar cane is the good source of protein, so it is recommended for high temperature, which lowers the temperature and refills the protein levels that are lost during fever and also supplies instant energy for the people who is recovering from fever and illness and helps in ameliorate from unwanted illness.
Ø  As mentioned above it is a natural hydrator which provides essential water levels to body during summers.
Ø  Sugar Cane juice is ideal for curing jaundice because of its property of easily digestible sugars, consuming 3 to 4 glasses of sugar cane juice daily helps in recovering of jaundice.
Ø  Because of its high potassium levels, it assists in maintaining good digestive system.
Ø  Due to it is high in sucrose levels, it helps in healing and maintains good health of immune system.
Ø  Intake of sugar cane juice regularly helps in maintaining good health of stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, mind and sex organs and also decreases bad cholesterol that is obtained by both LDL and triglycerides.
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