Your Health Is In Your Hands

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Your health is in your hands

we are going to know the complete body massage by simply pressing hands, unbelievable but it is true. Most of the people do clapping, when wish to appreciate some one who achieved something, but this is not only gives appreciation to other more than that it will give relaxation and relief and also good massage to your body.

It is much popular from olden days but due to advanced technologies, no one is even trying to elevate such kind of result oriented process. But when we feel any problem in our body, this process will give you the best result.Human body is made up of with different part and each part has its own significant of work process,each part nerves system is connected to the hands and legs.


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Let us see what are the different techniques included in this hand massage,

Thumb: Top of the thumb area connected to the head nervous system and by pressing there we can observe the difference while we experiencing any pains,like headache to ears or nose etc.

Index finger: Top of the Index finger connects to the left hand and when any pains are occur to the left hand,by pressing top of the Index finger, it gives relief.

Middle finger: Top of the Middle finger points to the left feet and complete relaxation will gives to the left feet.

Ring finger: Ring finger associate with right feet and gives relaxation by pressing top to bottom of the finger.

Little finger: Little finger takes part of right hand and continues pressing from top to bottom it gives the relaxation to right hand.

Palm: Palm connects with major body parts nervous system, it includes Large intestine,heart and lungs,stomach and liver. These all are major body part which plays key role to maintain body fitness and healthy.From the bottom part of the thumb to palm connects with left lung and heart and next right lung and beside of right lung stomach nerves are connected.Remaining part in the palm connects to liver and large intestine.

For better result press these hand area in a process, the best procedure for the best result is, continue pressing a specific part from top to bottom 10 to 20 times, keep on doing this daily will experience the difference in the body. Press gently with other hand on a specific part of the hand.

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