Health Benefits Mangoes

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Health Benefits Mangoes

Mango Prevent obesity~

Yellow Mangos are having  sufficient amount of fiber that will slow absorpation of sugar to blood stream , effect to maintian the body weight and sugar levels.

This fiber release amlas those will fight the harmful fats in body.

Mangos are the best and natural deserts for good digestion.

Here is the best health benefits of Mangoes,

1. Good For Digestion

Mangoes are natural medicine for acidity people.Mangoes will give good relief in short time.Sweet yellow mangoes contain Esters, Terpenes and Aldehydes help in easy digestion.

2. Cholesterol Control

Fiber, Pectin and Vitamin C will gives you low cholesterol levels and reduce the other high fat cholesterol in body.

3. For Better Sex

Mangos increase the sex hormones  in body and increase the energy levels in the body.Each mango have 2.3 to 3 mg of Vitamin.

4. Increase the Memory Power

Best fruit for children memory power increase and will good in studies.Mangoes will boost up the memory cells and active in concentrating the things.

5. High Iron for Women

Mangoes are good for especially for women.Help to storong the bones and give the good iron strength.While having dinner or after the dinner take eat one mango.Womens are very weak after menopause this time they need good iron , so mangos will give that iron.Taking over mangos will effect to over heat the body too.

6. For Diabetes

In general diabetic people avoid to eat Mangos because of sugar levels but mango will not increase the sugar levels.Even doctors are suggest to eat mangos.Mango leaf can fight with diabetic.

7. Prevents Cancer and Heart diseases

Huge amount of  antioxidants are in mangoes. So it will fight with cancer cells and cure from the other deceses also.

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