Health Benefits With Chilli Peppers

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Health Benefits With Chilli Peppers

Chillies and Chillies plant leaves are mostly using in Ayurveda treatments.Also Chillies are using in natural remedies.Chillies is very good for immune system because of the Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Two spoons of Red Chilli peppers contain 6% adding vitamin C and more than 10% of Vitamin A.Very effect result eating Chillies will cure cold.

Dietary Fiber:Green Chillies holding the high number of dietary fiber.Health experts recommended to adding chilli powder in daily meal boost the immunity system.2 teaspoons of dried chilli powder have 10% of fiber that recommended by the remedy people.Dietary fiber will better the digestive system.

Very few people knew that Chillies impact Cardiovascular function.Red Chilli peppers are really control blood cholesterol and avoid any clots because of any damage on body.Add more spice your food with little bit more Chillies or chilli peppers will protect over fat in blood and reproduce the damage cells or dead cells.

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Oklay university stated that because of anti-oxidants property in Chillies it will fight will cancel cells it kill it.Even in Cancer Research survey mentioned that capsaicin pepper extract causes human prostate cancel cells and impact to cell death.

Chillies also including in Pain relief management and diabetic treatments.Chillies help to reduce the weight in natural way.After having Chilli peppers heat will generate and in the form of sweating out.

Chilli peppers and fresh red,green are holding good source of Vitamin – C.Red Chillies are secure the protesting eye layer in human body.Chillies contain potassium,manganese,iron,magnesium.Potassium is very important for cell and help to control the blood pressure.

Chilies good in B-complex group of Vitamins.Essential Vitamins B-6,B-1 is main source from dry chilli peppers.

Here is the detail description of essentials vitamins in 100g of Chili peppers in %

vitamin-C – 240% ,
vitamin B-6 – 39% ,
vitamin A – 32% ,
Iron – 13% ,
Copper – 14% ,
potassium – 7% ,
Cholesterol – 0%

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