Health Benefits With Hibiscus – Hair Home Remedies With Hibiscus

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Health Benefits With Hibiscus – Hair Home Remedies With Hibiscus

Hibiscus flower is used in ayurvedic medicine to control menstrual cycle in womens.Hibiscus flowers have the property of anti-fertility and it is used to prepare ayurvedic mix to avoid unwanted  pregnancies.For headaches treatments also Hibiscus is considering.Hibiscus oil is preparing from plant roots.

Hibiscus Haircare Oil

Follow Ingredients

Coconut oil
Hibiscus flower – 5
Hibiscus leaves – 5

How to make Hibiscus Hair Oil?

Before start the process crush Hibiscus flower and paste it.Take this past in a glass bowl and add 1/2 amount of coconut oil overall amount of the Hibiscus paste.Now mix the both and move to the mixture to pan.Let’s boil it for 4-5 minutes.Wait for sometime to get cool the mixture.

How to Use Hibiscus Hair Oil?

Need to follow some procedures.After oil cool down apply on your scalp.Otherwise massage the oil very gently on scalp and leave it for sometime.It will get into roots and perfect reach deeply.Close the hair with dry towel and leave it for 15minutes.After that clean with ayurvedic shampoo.D’t use any hair dryer after wash your hair.

Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

It is very easy and simple to make Hibiscus shapoo in home.Crush petals of Hibiscus flower and Take 5 Hibiscus flower leaves and paste it in a bowl.Add olive oil to the paste.It should thicker hair.

How to apply Hibiscus Hair Shampoo?

After Hibiscus shampoo ready apply to the hair just like a normal shampoo.Apply deeply till inject to the roots.Be sure the paste applied root to tip.After 15min wash with warm water.

Hibiscus Hair mask

Most of the people are using various products which are available in the market for hair without consult any doctor.Products are sometimes not fit for all types of hair result hairloss.This Hibiscus hair mask is particularly for these people who are afraid to use hair mask.Hibiscus hair mask will gives the best result to growth hair and make the strong the hair too.

Follow Ingredient

Rosemary EO
Hibiscus flowers

Take 10-15 Hibiscus flowers and dry it under sunlight for 3 days.Powder the dried Hibiscus flowers and take into a glass bowl.Add 3 table spoon of yogurt and add 5 drops of Rosemary.Now mix everything and make it paste.It will turn to a pink color paste.Now the mixture is ready for mask.

Apply the mixture on dry hair.Make sure this mixture is applied till roots to tip.Leave the hair for 30min and wash with light hot water.

Note:d’t use any hair dryer to dry your hair quickly after wash with hot water.

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Beauty Tips With Hibiscus

Hibiscus is the key role in the beauty treatments in ayurvedic partice.Described simple beauty tips,

  •      Add Hibiscus flower in to boil water and leave it for 30min.Later add 1 table spoon honey and drink the water.If you do the long term effect of enhances complexion.
  •     Hibiscus is use for all ayurvedic treatments for hair growth.Add petals and leaves of Hibiscus into the regular using hair oil and boil for 10min.Now apply the oil to scalp before shower, it will be good result for hair growth.
  •     Hibiscus leaves hold the many medical values.Juice the leaves and apply to the hair ,it is natural hair conditioner.Also using in brahmi and amla extracts.In Ayurvedic baby oils Hibiscus leaves juice is mani ingredient.
  •     Hibiscus plant roots can be crusha dn apply like balm on burns for fast relief.
  •     Well known fact that Hibiscus flowers are the natural dye for hair.And it will smooth the hair.
  •     Hibiscus oil can make the skin glow when apply patients skin who suffers from cellulite.
  •     Hibiscus also using in produce perfumes and refreshing balms.
  •     Add henna powder with lime tea and Hibiscus flowers red and white, make all a paste.Leave it for one night.Morning add one egg to it and apply to the hair.Allow hair for 3-4 hours and rinsing it.This process will add additional protein and prevent premature greying.

Top 6 Hibiscus Home Remedies For Hair

Hibiscus is the help in natural hair growth and Hair loss,premature graying.Hibiscus flowers,leaves,roots will do the hair shiny,smooth and long.Hibiscus flowers,leaves are use in hair treatments for mask,oils.Hibiscus control dandruff.Hibiscus is not only control the hairfall also protect from the pollutions and works like astringent.

Hibiscus Pack For Hair:

Follow Ingredient

Hibiscus dry petal powder – 3 ounces
Honey – 3 Table Spoons
Yogurt – 3 Table Spoons
Aloe vera gel – 6 Table Spoons
Coconut milk

Take glass bowl and mix all the mention above ingredients and make it fine paste.Apply to the hair and cover with shower cap for 20-30min.Later wash with warm water.This pack will help to stregth your hair and gives good shining hair.

Hibiscus For Hair Dandruff Treatment:

Follow Ingredients

Coconut oil – 1 cup
Curry leaves – 5
Basil leaves – 5
Hibiscus flower – 1
Gooseberry – 1

Take the juice from the above mentioned.Now add coconut oil to the extracted juice and boil it for 15min.Cool the mixture and apply your scalp.Leave the hair for 15minutes.Wash with lukewarm water.D’t rinse the hair with any dry clothes.For sometime you feel like itchy but it will be for 5-10 minutes.

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Home Made Hibiscus Tonic For Hair:

Follow Ingredients

Hibiscus flowers
Hibiscus leaves

first take the ration 1:6 flowers and leaves and soak in to water overnight and use this water to clean your hair (or) boil the flowers and leaves for 30 minutes in water and cool it.Use this water also to clean your hair.Simple tonic but very effect in hair growth.

Hibiscus Hair Oil At Home:

Follow Ingredients

Hibiscus flowers – 10
Hibiscus leaves – 5
Basil leaves – 3
Cup coconut oil – 50ml

Take Hibiscus flowers,leaves,basil leaves and crush it.After that boil the paste with coconut oil for 15 minutes.Cool the oil and strain it use on scalp.leave tha hair for 30 minutes and wash with warm water.This treatment will prevent the hair falls also improve the blood circulation.

Hibiscus Hair Conditioner:

Follow Ingredients

Hibiscus flowers – 10

Take Hibiscus flowers and add some water and make it fine paste.Apply to the hair and leave it for 15min.Cover the hair with shower cap.Later wash with warm water.Next day use mild shampoo to hair.Best natural hair conditioner.

Hibiscus Hair Shampoo:

Follow Ingredients

Hibiscus flowers or leaves – 10
Almond or olive oil – 1 Table Spoon

Paste the Hibiscus flowers or leaves and make it paste.Add olive oil to the mixture.Now apply to the hair for 10min and wash with warm water.Store this mixture is cool store.

Simple and easy hair treatments use Hibiscus.Home mades are good for strong hair and shiny hair.

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