Facts You Need to Know About Adrenal Fatigue

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Facts You Need to Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a collections of symptoms which known as Syndrome. It occur when the functionality of the adrenal glands are below the required level. There are many reasons for this syndrome and these symptoms diagnose can prevent the problem earlier.

Adrenal fatigue is also called as Hypoadrenai, the term referred to alternative medicine and it is completely unscientific belief that adrenal glands are failed to produce adequate quantity of hormones. Cortisol which helps to reduce the mental stress in the body. Cortisol produces by the adrenal glands which placed in the top of the kidney. If the stress levels increased in the body affects the adrenal glands to reduce the production of cartisol.

Adrenal fatigue can arise when infections found in respiratory system, bronchitis. It is difficult to identifying such symptoms before they havoc entire body. But most common allergies and improper functionality can be identifying earlier and in that cases better to check about adrenal fatigue to prevent long time issues. The expansion of adrenal glands leads to weakness and force you to take more sleep and decrease the entire functionality of adrenal gland as well kidneys too.

Major Causes of Adrenal fatigue

The most common problem to cause adrenal fatigue due to lack of reach ability to meet the demands of stress levels, when it fail to control the stress levels the complete body functionality diverts to fail. Adrenal glands responses and balance the stress level on heart, regulatory system, immunity, heart beating and muscles. The most common causes which we neglect to add in our priority list leads to adrenal fatigue symptoms are,

  • Poor sleep habit for long time may cause to a rise this symptom.
  • Improper or poor diet (taking junk foods and processed foods) will also cause.
  • Heavy stress at work or at home.
  • Working long hours continuously.
  • Depression.
  • Stimulants (like Caffeine contain products, Sugar products)

Above symptoms mainly decrease the energy levels In the body and this situation leads to body weakness and producing unwanted toxins and acids in the body. Then the entire body functionality fails include balancing stress levels, digestive system, and stress on muscles, bones, sensitive parts in the body.

Symptoms of Adrenal fatigue

The most common problems like flu, fever also leads to the adrenal fatigue. But in few conditions we can identify the symptoms. First and common symptom to raise the question is improper body functionality. Especially when the digestive system or kidney functionality fails it can easily find out. By knowing such cases it is better to check once. Adrenal glands sit on the top of the kidneys and they maintain the complete kidney functioning. Majorly these glands are supposed to balance the stress levels in the body. Few of most common symptoms to find adrenal fatigue are,

  • Facing problem to getting out from the bed.
  • Persistent tiredness even after wake up from the bed in the early morning.
  • Facing problem to identify and solving the problems. Simply lowers the ability to think.
  • Flawless move on routine works and unable to perform the regular tasks evenly.
  • Decreased immunity levels in the body causes to cell damage.
  • Heavy weight loss in small period of time which can’t be explainable.
  • Itching, rashes on the body and aches in body internal parts.
  • Decreasing blood pressure causes to low BP.
  • Facing problem to get sleep in the night time and sudden wake ups in the night time.
  • Heavy hair fall and served allergies on the head.
  • Blurred vision.

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How to avoid adrenal fatigue?

Most common question arises when you know about adrenal fatigue. Its quiet simple as all of us can do easily. Here are few suggestions to avoid adrenal fatigue for long time. Before that we need to decide to change our life style to avoid and to maintain good health.

  • Proper diet: it’s quite simple but it has to follow in a regular manner. Take plenty of food which can produce all the major requirements of the body. Vegetables and fruits should be first in the diet list. Have to avoid junk food, deep fries and processed foods.
  • Good Sleep: Everyone should take proper sleep. As per scientist research everyone should have 8hours sleep a day. That to in the night time. Maintain a time to go bed daily and should not take breaks while sleeping. This will give you enough sleep to maintain good health.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is a good habit for good health. Minimum 2hours physical exercises and 1 hour mental fitness yoga is compulsory. By doing this it will give body fitness and mental fitness also.
  • Kill Energy Robbers: It is necessary to know the daily tasks which push you into mental stress and physical stress. Avoid such unnecessary mental stress and physical stress daily tasks like avoid more work tensions, complicated situations. Keep smiling every day. Recent studies proved that laughing is the best therapy to reduce body stress and to improve mental ability.

As per the survey 16% of the people classified as the victims of severe adrenal fatigue. This is before the extreme cases happened in 21st century and economic recession experienced by the people. After that such adrenal cases are increased rapidly.

So it is better to take care of your health to live long without any health issues. 80% of the people living in stress world. It leads to decrease the life span and unwanted health problems. It is suggested to all about yoga, meditation and exercise and other media which useful to reduce the mental and physical stress as well. It is necessary to add dry fruits and other natural sources which give sufficient minerals and nutrients need to the body. Almonds, milk, blue berries, tuna and corn flakes are the best food sources which reduce the mental stress. Vitamins and mineral are the best to avoid mental and physical stress.

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