10 Best Emergency Home Remedies for Pimples

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10 Best Emergency Home Remedies for Pimples

People are scared with the suddenly notice of pimples and it grown very slowly and out suddenly in one night on face.Here is the picked emergency remedies for spotted pimples on face.

1. Ice Cubes

For good result Ice cubes is best available in home.Ice Cubes will decrease the redness and pain on Top of Pimples.If smoothly scrub on Pimple 3 times a day it will be cure in 2-3 days.

2. Toothpaste

People aware of that Toothpaste contain the anti-oxident property.But while take in Home remedies they forgot it.Apply toothpaste gently on pimple before going to bed in night time.Morning check the Pimple the size will reduce and also get complete pain relief from pimple.

3. Garlic

Garlic is very powerful acne home remedy.Due to spicy-ness people will not prefer this.For effective result in single night take the raw garlic and rube it around the effected area and leave it.If possible have garlic two or three seeds in month will cure the blood and keep resistant from the pimples.

4. Orange Peel

Take the sufficient amount of dry Orange Peel powder and add rose water to it, make it think paste.Apply this paste on effected areas.Leave it for 30 – 40min and clean with clean cotton dipped into rose water.Do this for 2 times in a day see the result.

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5. Honey

Sweetest home remedy is Honey.It hold the property of antimicrobial.So it good for acne skins.Apply 2-3 drops of honey on pimple and close it will cotton band-aid.take good sleep and see in the morning.It will cure completely.Do not forget to clean this area with warm water after remove band-aid.

6. Oatmeal

Cook oatmeal on good heat and cool it for some time.Apply this on Pimple area on face.Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water.Pimple redness and swelling also pimple star reduce the size and in few hours it will not visible too.Oatmeal face pack also good for oil skins.

7. Lemon

Cut half lemon and apply on pimple very gently and leave it for 30min repeat this process every 4 hours.Also apply lemon juice on the effected area in night hours.It will reduce the size of the pimple and smooth the effect area also.Recommended home remedy it is.

8. Vinegar

Boil the small amount of Vinegar, for oil skin add 500ml water in the pan.And good boil put face over the pan for 5-10minutes repeat this for atleast 5 times for fast relief from pimples pain.

9. Potato

Cut the round potato slices and place on the top of pimple.Leave it for 10 minutes.Potato help from healing and reduce the swelling.

10. Cucumber

Take cucumber paste and add 2-3 teaspoons of lemon  juice and mix well.After that apply to your face completely.Leave for some time till it will dry.Later clean with warm water.

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Recommended Home Remedies to Fight With Acne & Heat Bumps

  1.     Take 10-15 neem leaves and add water in a pane.Boil this for least 20 minutes till water color change to brown.Later let switch-off and wait to cool the
  2. water.Now filter it and apply this neem serum over the acne affected areas over the body.And leave for 20 minutes , wash it with cold water.Neem natural
  3. medicare property will cure heat acne and prevent from bacterial infections.
  4.     Rub over acne gently with freeze rose water ice cubes will cure summer acne with high impact.Rose water hold healing property which will give good skin condition good.
  5.     Take raw milk in a bowl and dip cotton boll apply over affected areas.Do the same regularly will clear acne with smooth skin property.By this process skin whiting also possible.
  6.     Collect bunch of basil leaves and make it concentrated paste.Use this paste on face and apply on body pack.It will fastly cure heat bumps.This natural home remedy will eliminate dark marks on skin too.
  7.     Very easy home remedy is adding neem leaves,2 teaspoons of turmeric powder into a bucket water.Mix well and do bath with this water will result that prevent from acne and bacterial infections.Repeat this regularly will gives good result interms of reduce body heat and skin fairness.

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