5 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

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1. Coconut Oil for Moisturize Chapped Lips

Coconut oil is the best mediuem level fat acid that will observe the skin easily.Lips can fastly observe the oil.Coconut oil turn your lips very soft.As well known information that coconut oil contain high level of  vitamin E that will help to hold the healthy lips for long time.

2. Almond Oil Help to  Cure Chapped Lips

Almond seeds contain high protein and  vitamin E,B and minerals , Almond oil come from these seeds.Vitamin b2 nothing but riboflavin  will keep your skin and lips moisture.Almond oil is protect your lips from sun damage.Compare to other oils you just apply 5 drops of oil on your chapped lips.

5 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

3. Use Of  Sea Salt For Chapped Lips

In summer season lips will dry and sometimes looking very dull also.Your lip skin star peeloff later.In lip balm contain the chemicals and acids that will shine your lips for sometime but it will effect very high in future.To avoid this depend on natural ingredients that will help to long time healthy lips.Sea salt is one of the best ingredients.While scrub your lips with sea salt it will heal inflected and peel skin and fresh the skin.Sea salt scrub is the best remedy for chapped lips.

4. Aloe Vera gel For Chapped Lips

In normal weather your lips can observe the water wapers in the air, incase you are in the harsh weather your lips will dry very fast and Aloe vera gel have the unique property that it will observe the water molecules from the normal air also.And keep the lips wet for long time.When apply aloe vera gel on your chapped lips it will be condition wet and very smooth.

5 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips02
5. Apply Honey For Chapped Lips

Well know natural remedy for your chapped lips is Honey.Natural moisture and fast recalling smooth remedy is Honey.Honey contain glucose  oxidase when honey mixed with pure water  hydrogen peroxide property will come.It is a natural antiseptic to bond the cutted lips.Due to many organic acid in honey it will recall the dead cells.Apply honey on chapped lips in day time and leave it sometime.If you feel it is very sweety add lemon grop in honey and apply.

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