Home Remedies For Puffiness Under Eyes

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Home Remedies For Puffiness Under Eyes
Puffy eyes are the most common problem in these days as people are getting tired with their works before computers and addicting to TV’s hours together. Eyes are strained very quickly as they are most sensitive part in the face, in fact all over the body. Eyes are the first sign to resemble health. By observing one’s eyes, whether they are happy or not, whether they are healthy or not can be guessed easily. So we cannot neglect health of eyes, taking proper care of eyes can help in getting rid of puffiness.
Reasons For Puffiness:
·         The primary reason for puffiness is observed as aging.
·         Deposition of fat under eyes .
·         Stress and lack of sleep.
·         Deposition of numerous blood vessels under eyes as they are very sensitive.
Let us see some home remedies for curing eye bags.
1. Iced Tea Bags:
Puffiness under eyes usually caused when you wake up in the morning with insufficient sleep.If you don’t want to expose them to others the best option for quick remedy is treating with tea bags. Put tea bags in hot water for some time and freeze for a while, then place the iced tea bags on your eyes, lie back and leave it on eyes for 20-30 minutes. After the prescribed time, wash the eyes with cold water and you immediately obtain refreshed eyes. For this purpose you can choose green or black tea bags, where the blood vessels around the eyes are compressed by the caffeine present in the tea and puffiness due to swelling reduces.
2. Cucumbers:
Puffiness under eyes can be easily reduced with the easily available vegetable cucumber, it makes to feel refreshed when the refrigerated slices placed on the eyes and relax for 20-30 minutes. The cooling property which is available in cucumber reduces inflammation and soothes eye.
3. Potato:
Potato slices not only helps in keeping skin refreshes it also soothes eyes and area under eyes. Potato contains anti-inflammatory properties where it reduces swelling immediately. Slice a potato in to thin pieces and keep it on your eyes covering eye bags, leave it on your eyes for 20 minutes. A great change is observed as soon as potatoes removed from your eyes.
4. Milk:
Milk has the property of water retention from tissues of eyes. If you are regularly suffering with puffiness and tiredness of eyes, take two cotton balls which are soaked in milk for some time and keep them on the eyes and relax for some time, wash off with cold water for well relaxed eyes. Repeat the process if necessary for few days, if you regularly under go with this problem.
5. Almond Oil:
Almond oil can be choose for puffiness and dark circles under eyes. The vitamins which presents in the oil nourishes skin around the eyes and helps in removing dead skin cells by massaging with this oil. Apply two to three drops of almond oil on eyes before going to bed. Massage gently without applying pressure, it improves blood circulation by retaining water in the tissues of eyes.
6. Vitamin E Oil:
Vitamin E plays vital role in making skin and eyes health. It also helps in reducing puffiness and swelling under eyes, blend few drops of vitamin E oil with chilled water in a bowl. Gently apply on the eyes with cotton balls dipped in the mixture, leave for 20 minutes on your eyes. You can observe refreshed eyes after removing the balls from eyes and also feel refreshed eyes.
7. Egg White:
Egg white absorbs water quickly from the body and reduces inflammation. Excess water under eyes can be easily retained with egg white. Beat one egg white in a bowl till it gets stiff, apply the mixture with a smooth brush or a soft cloth. Leave it the mixture for some time under eyes, wash off once it gets dried. You can observe the area under eyes getting tight and reducing puffiness.
8. Chilled Spoons:
It is one of the quick home remedy to get rid of puffiness under eyes. Take some chilled water in glass, place four spoons in the chilled water, take two spoons and place on either of the eyes, remove them from eyes and keep another set of spoons on eyes, repeat the process till you observe reduction in swelling.

9. Splash With Cold Water:
Splashing with cold water is easy and quick remedy to get rid of swelling under eyes is splashing with chilled water. The major cause of puffiness is retention of excess water under eyes, so to minimize this problem splash chilled water on the face targeting eye bags. It helps in circulating fluids properly and removes the excess liquid that is deposited under eyes.
Puffiness can also cure by following some of the tips apart from above remedies:
Ø  Toxins which are deposited in the body can be flushed out when you drink sufficient water.
Ø  Sodium results in water retention in various areas, cut down salt in your regular intake.
Ø  Go to bed early.
Ø  Do not bend head for a long time.
Ø  Exercise regularly to improve blood circulation.
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