Tips For Healthy And Shining Skin

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Tips For Healthy And Shining SkinDrink Plenty Water:

           Daily intake of 6 to 8 glasses of water is advised by Nutritionists and doctors for adults as it prevents dehydration. it keeps skin in condition as it contains alkaline with PH 7.3 which is helpful in producing oil from the sebaceous glands.


Concentrate On Your Diet:
           The Diet with nutritious products helps skin to rejuvenate in a healthy manner. The most important thing to remember while taking care of the skin just quit smoking, as it leads to darkness of skin. Avoid coffee as it contains caffine,.Add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. Concentrate on green veggies as they contain beta carotene which helps for glowing skin.
Exfoliates Do Work:
           Removing dead skin cells from the body is termed as exfoliating. This is done using Loofahs as it is the best treatment for skin to breath properly and for healthy skin it is needed once or twice in a week is required. Make sure it is not to be doneon the skin of the face as skin tissues on face are very sensitive and there may be chances of rashes,this also helps in terminate hair growth from inner layer.
Routine Care For Face:
             While considering face,wash face twice or thrice daily with plain water without any soap,if necessary mild saop with glycerene base & vitamin-E is considered.Make sure you wash your neck while washing as it is necessary because neck region is very constantly exposed to outer area as it results in formation of dead cells,massage with moisturizing cream after cleaning.Before bed time make ure you remove all the make up as it interferes in rejuvenating the skin and results in scars and blemishes on the skin.When it comes to men,while shaving make sure you shave in the direction of hair roots to prevent damage of skin from getting rough and hard.
Foot Care:
            Generally many people neglect care for feet as it is invisible.but that’s not correct,because of legs and feet are in proper working position we can walk and go where ever take care of feet by caring them by some home remedies
            >Fill the tub with lukewarm water,add rock salt and your favorite aroma oil to it,soak both the legs in it for 15-20 minutes covering till feet.Then remove from the tub,rub the dead cells with puma stone to remove cracks filled with dirt.Do it for atleast once in a month,it acquires the best results.
Protection From Sun:
                                    The most harmful affect for skin is from sun,exposing to sun causes tan,to avoid this apply sunscreen lotion 20 minutes before going out and make sure of covering head with brimmed cap inorder to prevent rays entering in to skin .Avoid going out from 9 to 5 during summer as UVA rays in that time are very harmful and they results in skin cancer.
             Regular exercise and facial yoga like pranyam… in the morning helps skin to rejuvenate by circulating blood and regulating oxygen keeps skin healthy and fitness of body to maintain healthy and balanced life style.
Rest For Body:
           Stress management is required for mind in order to have a balanced lifestyle,due to stress hypertension develops resulting in oily face due to release of testosterone from sebaceous glands for both male and female.So in order to control it maintain healthy sleep considered to 6-8 hours without any disturbance
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