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1.Dates are from free cholesterol,contains low fat and rich in vitamins and minerals.
2.It is rich of protein,dietary fiber,rich in vitamin B1,B2,B3,B5 and vitamin A1 and C.
3.Dates helps in increasing digestive system,contains soluble and insoluble fibers and dissimilar sort of amino acids.
4.Dates are high energy boosters as contain natural sugars like glucose,sucrose and fructose.
For more benefit add dates to milk and prepare a right nutritious snack.
5.They are low in calories and right for health aware people.
6.It is rich in potassium and less in sodium.Helps in regulating a healthy nervous system.
  The potassium intake upto certain level can decreases risk of heart attacks.
7.Dates helps in reduction of the LDL cholesterol.
8.They have  high iron levels,useful in treating anemia.Patients can eat plenty of 
dates for better results.
9.Its also have fluorine,which reduces the process of tooth decay.
10.Dates help people suffering from constipation.For better results,soak dates overnight and take it along with water.
11.It helps in weight gain and helpful for those,suffering from over slim problems.
12.They are excellent for alcoholic addiction,and it cures abdominal cancer.
13.Dates helps in improving eye sight and cures night blindness.

“It don’t have any side effects on the body and acts well than medicine”.
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