5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

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                            5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

1. Vision Improvement: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins like A and C, where it helps in improving
vision and in curing night blindness. As per the recent study it is proved that tomatoes plays a
vital role in curing a serious eye disease termed as macular degeneration and it also prevents
cataract development. Tomatoes are also abundant in antioxidants like lycopene, lutein and
zeaxanthin which helps in protecting eyes from mild infections and damage.

2. Fights Cancer: Tomatoes also plays a vital role in preventing prostate cancer, according to
a journal that was published by National cancer institute. The other cancers like stomach,
lung, cervical, pharynx, mouth, throat, rectal, colon, esophagus and ovarian cancers are also
prevented by consuming more tomatoes. This is because tomatoes are rich I antioxidant
lycopene, if you want to reap the whole benefits of tomatoes try cooking tomatoes with olive

3. Clear Skin: Consuming more amounts of tomatoes can give you a clear and blemishes free
skin. As it is rich in antioxidant lycopene it protects your skin from UV light by making it less
sensitive. It can also get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and minimizes large pores. For a healthy and
glowing skin, apply pulp of tomato on face and wash off once it gets dried.

4. Minimizes Blood Sugar: Tomatoes contain minimum levels of carbohydrates, where it
reduces the sugar levels in blood. Chromium which is present in tomatoes control sugar levels
in blood and fiber maintains balanced sugar levels. The areas which are often affected by sugar
like blood stream and kidneys are protected by the powerful anti oxidants that are present in

5. Gives Good Sleep: Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene, it promotes for a better
sleep. If you are suffering with a lack of sleep, try to add tomatoes to your regular diet like
salads, soups, smoothies etc.

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