8 Tips To Avoid Migraine Effects

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Migraine Effects and avoiding tips

Migraine is one of the major problems which suffer most of the people. Especially these symptoms and problems can found in women. Due to sensitive hormone problem and high stress levels can increase this problem in woman. Migraine symptoms start with headache and gradually increase up to peak stage. Food consumption and type of food also effects to increase the symptoms of migraine. Once it starts it won’t come to normal stage for few hours. Most of the people around 35% are suffering with this problem all over the world. These is no specific medicate avoid permanently. But it can be avoid permanently by taking simple precautions and by taking good diet every day.

8 Tips To Avoid Migraine Effects

Risk factors: Foods that can increase headache is chocolate which is rich in calories and regularly taking such high and addict able food is not suggest able and if the dosage will not reach in daily diet it cause to headache and finally migraine. Alcohol consumption is also another problem to increase the symptom levels of headache. Alcohol percentage effects on brain and causes to migraine. Like similar foods Coffee, cheese, sauce, ice cream, bananas and processed meats are major triggers to headache. Some simple techniques to prevent headache permanently,

  1. Work outs:

Physical fitness is the major assert to avoid head ache. Most of the people skip the physical fitness. Best work outs under guidance can reduce the headache symptoms. Too much exercise can also lead to increase the level of headache. So without guidelines can cause to side effects.

Mental stress decreasing by doing best fitness exercise will avoid headache permanently.

  1. Time to time meals:

Proper diet and timing is mandatory to maintain good health. Should not leave meal timings and diet. It is the common problem for every one that meal skipping. It is not good for health and more over could not suggest able to the people who are suffering with migraine problem.

Skipping meal twice or thrice in a month will not give big change but it repeat more number of times will cause to increase the migraine level.

Consume food in equal portion fro number of times is good for health. Heavy meal will cause to increase the side effects.

  1. Avoid consuming Caffeine:

Migraine also cause due to the heavy consumption of caffeine. Now a day’s more number of products is rich in caffeine percentage. So before consumption of food it is better to watch the caffeine levels in that product.

Caffeine percentage high in the foods like chocolates, Coffee beans and other cocoa products. Instead of taking caffeine products, it is better to take other substitutes like juices, water and caffeine free drinks.

  1. Don’t project to bright light:

Projecting to flash lights or bright light will cause to migraine. High capacity lights absorb the body temperature and make the changes in body. These all effect on brain and will increase the stress levels on brain.

Directly seeing sun light not good for health and for head.

Take some precautions like wearing sunglasses, covering head with cotton cloth or a cap or other things which can avoid light projection etc.

  1. Sleep on time:

Sufficient sleeping is good for health and brain also. Brain gets into relaxation when you are sleeping. When sleeping brain focus on decreasing stress levels and for that it need minimum time. Time period varies depends upon age group. As per international standard authority minimum time interval should not be less than 5 hours per day.

8 Tips To Avoid Migraine Effects02

  1. Avoid loud noises:

This is also most important thing to follow. Loud noises create disturbances in the brain. High frequency sound can cause pollution and health problems too. In that first one is migraine.

  1. Hormonal changes in women:

Most of the women experience the migraine during their menstrual time. This can be happens even before also. It is better to make it note down and take some additional exercise and additional boosting foods to avoid the problem. When the symptoms shows immediate action should be mandatory.

8 Tips To Avoid Migraine Effects01

  1. Yoga and meditation:

Yoga and meditation will change the situation dramatically within days. Main reason to experience the migraine is more stress on brain. Yoga and meditation gives the maximum relief from stress on brain.


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