Best Ways To Eating Fruits

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The name which makes feel good to listen and makes happy to take and give good health in the form of rich nutrients and also low fat quantity is nothing but fruits. Every body loves to take fruits in their routine life and it is recommended by the doctors also, because each fruit has its own significant and specific vitamin in high quantity.

More than 200million tones of fruits are producing by the India. All over the world these fruit productions are increasing rapidly, due to balance the demand and supply. In the production around 30-35% become waste due to transportation and harvest and time etc. In the remaining amount are send to grading and juicing, jams, jellies, pulp extraction, canning, pickles etc.

Share of major fruits as follows,

Citrus—22% , Grapes—15%, Bananas—14%, Apples—11%, Pineapples—3%, Papayas—2%, Mangoes—5%, Others—28%. After knowing this information, definitely it gives a good habit to add a fruit in our daily life. But before that have to know that how to consume fruits. There is a specifies way to take fruits for good health and it will be more informative also.
People knows that eating fruits is nothing but cutting into pieces and popping it into our mouth, but it is not just like that what we are doing.

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Correct way: Fruits should be take with an empty stomach.

If we take like how we take it majorly plays a key role to detoxify body system and supplies heavy calories. These calories may not be useful or it may become over injecting of calories, will affect body system.
Fruits are most important to our body and let us say if we take little amount of food, directly it reaches to the stomach and from there reaches to intestine, while these food starting to convert in to acids. In mean while if we take more food, it will be added to the intestine, even though with heavy food quantity, it take do ferments and turns to acid. In the mean while if we take a slice of fruit, simply it spoils the entire food and ferment system.
So, strongly recommended that fruits should take with empty stomach. With this we can experience a lot of changes in the body. Like balding and dark circles under the eyes will be clear and hair greying, nervous feeling etc.
Most of the people think only few fruits like orange and lemon etc are acidic nature and remaining are not, but it is not correct all kinds of fruits have the alkaline and it does the reaction in the body but it differ in the volume. It was proven after research by the Dr. Herbert Shelton.
The best Tips are,

  •   Drink fresh fruit juice only.
  • Don’t drink canned or heated or cooked fruits/juices because it didn’t give any vitamins to the body, just for taste only.
  • Try to eat fruits avoid fruit juices. Consume slowly, because it has to mix with salvia before it reaches to intestine.
  • If we can consume only fruits for three days, definitely we can experience the changes happened in the body and skin. It shows radiant skin and excellent body system.

colorful ripe fruit composition isolated on white

Let us see the source can extract from Fruits,

  • KIWI: Good source of magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and good fiber. Vitamin C content is double than an orange.
  • APPLE: By taking an apple a day keeps the doctor away?. It has a low vitamin C content, it has a very good antioxidants & flavonoids. Helps to lower the risks of heart problems and colon cancer.
  • STRAWBERRY: Strawberries are rich in antioxidant power among all major fruits. It avoids the body from blood vessel-clogging free radicals and cancer-causing problems.
  • ORANGE : Is one of the most Sweet full medicine. By taking 2-4 oranges a day keep colds away, lower cholesterol majorly it prevent and dissolve kidney stones.
  • WATERMELON: Is the most coolant fruit and it   Composed 92% of water. it has high quantity of glutathione, which helps boost up our immune system. And also having with the source of Lycopene, which helps to fight with cancer. Also composed with Vitamin C and Potassium.
  • GUAVA & PAPAYA: These two are the Top most fruits for vitamin C. Guava is having very high in fiber, helps to prevent constipation. Papaya is rich in carotene and it is good for eyes.
  • Drinking Cold water after a meal leads Cancer! un believable, but true: Most of the people prefer to drink cool water after the meal, but most of us don’t know that it leads to cancer, yes it is true. After meal if we take water, It reacts with the oils with we taken and prepares a precipitate form material, it will not able to pass through the intestine and very soon it will convert into fats and these fats are leads to cancer. So after a meal take a cup of hot soup or hot water is suggest able.
  • Share it and save few more lifes.


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