Home Remedies For Get Rid Of Elbow And Black Knees

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Home Remedies For Get Rid Of Elbow And Black Knees

Black knees are the problem facing by the people. It happens when it keeps on pressed on solid materials top. Skin on that particular area also changes in to black colour gradually. It is going to happen, when we are doing our regular works. Even it can happen, by doing hard work, which presses at on that area. In traditional days it is going to rid of black colour by doing massage with different oils. It reflects clearly on fair and toned skin. But today it’s not going to happen, due to no time. So, it is become luxuries in today.

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Knees and Elbows are most dry part in the body, by doing oil massage and keeping knees and elbow moisture.

Traditional Tips

o   Apply oils like Olive, sesame, Almond and Coconut oil. By doing massage with these oils daily will give better result and mostly it results rid of black knees and elbow. This is also help full to avoid black spots and black skin.

o   Massage gently with mustard oil after completion of bath around 10-15minutes. Mustard oil finely lubricates the part of knees and elbow. Wash bone joints with hot water.

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o   Vitamin E play good role and the best for knees darks and elbow. Take Vitamin E content food. Top 10 vitamin E rich content food materials are listed(per 100grams),

  • Fish – 2.8mg
  • Tofu – 5.3mg
  • Broccoli – 1.5mg
  • Spinaches – 2.1mg
  • Almonds – 26.2mg
  • Avocado – 2.1mg
  • Shell fish – 2.2mg
  • Plant oils – 14.4mg
  • Sunflower seeds – 36.3mg
  • Cooked butternut squash – 1.3mg.

Best techniques to rid of Elbow and Black Knees

  1. Drinking Water: drinking plenty of water can possibly reduce the dark spot caused radical cells in the body. It can avoid black spot on knees and avoid black spot causing. Other way of drinking water content liquids and beverages may give little bit result by comparing with water. So, drink water most of the time.
  2. Dairy products: Adding dairy products like milk, cream, and butter will give the better result to reduce dark spots and give fairy skin tone. These are rich in fatty content and this can replace the dead cells in black spotted areas. Before consuming this food have to check the body mass index.
  3. Vitamins: Taking Vitamins in the form of tablets or food may show the best result. Vitamin D and Vitamin C, Vitamin E is the best for rid of skin from black spots. It shows the best result on knees and elbows too.
  4. Body Mass index: Excess amount of fatty and non consumed food in the body will result side effects in the body. Resulting to that, pressure and weight carrying legs get stressed and cause unnecessary problems and will reflects on knees to be black and elbow bear heavy weight. Finally it gets black on those parts, so consider body mass index is also one of the important.
  5. Brown sugar: Brown sugar scrubbing is also best method to rid of black knees.

Get Rid of Elbow and Black Knees

  • Take one lemon and squeeze it in a bowl and add one table spoon of brown sugar.
  • Mix it well and apply gently on black knees and elbow.
  • Keep it for 15-20minutes.
  • Wash later with warm water.
  1. Vitamin E oil massage: this is also works well,
  • Take one table spoon of Vitamin E oil which is available in the market.
  • Add one lemon juice and mix it well and apply gently
  • Keep it for 15min and wash with hot water.

These are the best and simple home remedies to prevent black spots and black knees and elbow. By doing regular exercise and yoga will reduce the body excess weight and keep bones strength and will no effect on bone joints.

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