Natural Home Made Face Mask Recipes

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Natural Home Made Face Mask Recipes
Many of us think looking Beautiful and Perfect, consumes lot of Money and Time,Due to visiting costly Saloons and treating skin with harmful Chemicals not only damages Skin and also causes several side effects. So in order to avoid the damage to skin some care should be taken in order to make skin gets perfect moisturization.
Usage of Home Made Masks are very essential and economical, let us try some of these packs which are efficient in making skin glow naturally:
Face Moisturizing Mask
Prior to the mask it is very essential to ensure the causes of Dryskin, there may be several reasons for dried skin,it may be caused by Stress, Exposure to sun, hyper sensitivity of skin etc..

First let us see the Mask for Dried Skin

Honey Mask:
Honey:1 Table spoon
Flour:1 Table spoon(Basin)
Milk :2 Table spoons
Mix all the above mentioned Ingredients and apply on the clean face and leave it for 15-20 minutes,then wash off the face.
Mask for Oily skin
Oily skin must be treated with special care, it is advised to clean the Face thoroughly 3-4 times a day with mild soap that does not contain chemicals. Apply the Face Mask when the skin is clean and oil less when the pores are opened.
Mask with Apple

Honey:3 Table spoons
Take Apple cut in to pieces and blend with the blender, add honey, mix well the mixture to form a smooth paste and apply on the Face, Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
Mask with Cucumber
Egg white:1
Lemon Juice :1 Teaspoon
Mint Leaves: 1 Teaspoons

Blend all the above mentioned ingredients to make smooth paste and Refrigerate for 10 minutes and then apply it on the Face, wash with warm water primarily and next with cold water.
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Mask for Dry skin
To manage dry skin is very difficult as it looks dull and tends to ageing earlier,dry skin causes fine lines,Let us see the mask that pampers the skin and rejunavates the moisture to help the skin to glow,it helps equally as the products that are available in the market.

To get total Benefits of the below mentioned Facials,the face must be clean,it can be cleaned with natural Cleanser and remain it for Five minutes as the oxygen levels are uncreased in order to absorb the Mask Totally,remove the Mask with warm water and then wash with cold water.
Mask with Banana,Honey,Yogurt,olive oil
Mash one large banana,2 table spoons of Honey,2 table spoons of Yogurt,1 table spoon of Olive oil,mix all the Ingredients and apply on the Face and wash it after 20 minutes.
Mask with Flour,Milk,Egg,Honey
Take one egg yolk,mix it with 2 table spoons of Flour,2 table spoons of Honey and three table spoons of whole milk and mix all the ingredients to form a thick paste and apply it on the face and leave for 20 minutes and then wash off.
Mask with Banana,Honey,Flour,Oats
Take a Banana,mash it with adding 2 table spoons of Flour,2 table spoons of powdered oats and 2 tablespoons of Honey and apply on the face and leave for 10 minutes and once it gets dried slowly remove the mask by scrubbing gently in circular motion with finger tips and wash it with warm water.
Mask with Papaya
Papaya mask is one of the best home remedy for moisturizing which works in all types of skin,let us have a look on the procedure of papaya Mask,
Clean the face prior to the mask with a particular cleanser that suits your skin type,then apply this mask which comprises of 2 table spoons of papaya pulp and one table spoon of yogurt avoiding area around the eyes,let it be this mask for 5 minutes on the face and remove it with warm water.
It is a perfect blend of mask for any skin type except people with sensitive skin as it causes itching to the sensitive skin,So better no to try this mask people who possess the sensitive skin.

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