Coconut Water Is The Best Beverage

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Coconut Water Is The Best Beverage


The one of the best natural beverages is coconut water, which gives sufficient water from a coconut. It is very rich in potassium and absolutely very low in calories and fat-free natural drink. When it compare with artificial sports drink, it won the best ever natural liquid.

Coming to its combination, one coconut water gives, 5.45 Calories and 1.3grms of sugar, 61mg of potassium and 5.45gm of sodium. This natural drink preferably takes in the summer, because it avoids dehydration caused by the heavy temperature and projected under sunlight.

Coconut Water is the best beverage in the world

Most of the companies are also promoting this natural drink by preserving it for longer time without adding any additional ingredients, even no need to add sugar because it has sufficient sugar levels in it. This is preferred by the sports athletes too, by avoiding sports drinks.

The combination of calcium, magnesium and potassium, suggested by the doctors and sports trainers to their students to take this drink. Each element in this coconut water has its own significant to the body and there is no issue about side affects or any excess quantity of elements. Daily one glass of coconut water will strengthen the muscles and keeps the body healthy.

This will acts as a best anti oxidant to the body and it also contain anti-carcinogenic , anti ageing, and anti thrombotic effects. One of the significant enzymes found in coconut water is Cytokinin, which support for cell division in the body and increase the growth levels. Normally this enzyme was found in plants which helps in their growth, the same on found by the researchers in coconut water and after research they found it helps for body growth, which takes rapidly.

Coconut Water is the best beverage in the world02

The cell division performs when cells are exposed to the enzyme Cytokinin, its explosion makes the tissues cell division performs rapidly by comparing normal cell division in the tissue. This is proven by the scientists after a long research. It avoids age related issues and less risks in degenerative systems.

Rich in Nutrients

Coconut water composition with number of additional enzymes like Catalase, Peroxidase and Dehydrogenase and Phosphatase, RNA-Polymerase etc are majorly identified enzymes. By these enzymes affect supports for better digestive system and smoothens the liquids circulation all over the body. By taking this coconut water it can reaches to all over the body with all these compositions and balances the level of requirements to a specific part in the body.

It is one of the best replacement for remaining all drinks like beverages, smooth drinks and sports drinks etc. The best part in it is, it won’t create any side affects to the body, when the regular amount of coconut water increase.

It is a very good resource for B-complex, which includes vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine, folates and pyridoxine. These are the basic essentials to the human body for sense organs in less amount in daily life. These are helpful for external body resources also.

This is the best hydrating drink in summer; it has the best electrolyte composition. Avoids dehydration and stabilize the body by maintaining hydrating. By extracting body sufficient calories from coconut water will reduce the solid food quantity and makes the body feel free. It will affect to reduce body weight in a healthy manner. Stabilizes the sugar levels and avoids the hunger feeling.

Coconut Water is the best beverage in the world01

Proven benefits with coconut water

Scientifically proven thesis describes that coconut water is the best anti oxidant for rehydrating body when body gets dehydrated. Its pure combination of carbohydrate-electrolyte will refresh the body and regenerates the cell strength.

By taking pure coconut water daily in a specific quantity will reduce 125% of body mass, which is very affective and good news to weight loss people. It is widely differ with sports drink which taken after a time interval of doing exercise.

Fluids retention by taking coconut water is more effective than normal beverages or sports drink.

Unbelievable health benefits

  1. Improves brain functionality: Due to high electrolyte composition it increases the functionality of nervous system. It increases the brain functionality and it acts like fuel to brain.
  2. Healthy heart and Kidney: Kidney and heart are the major body parts. Liquid state nutrients and calories will reaches to all the parts of the body and increase the functionality of kidney and heart.
  3. Strengthens the muscles: Improving nervous system will regenerates the cells and strengthens the muscles.
  4. Avoids Dehydration: High levels of potassium quantity in coconut water, simply it avoids the dehydration problem.
  5. Anti-aging: By the combination contains Cytikinin, it will acts like anti-aging and reduce the chances of Cancer.
  6. Best digestive Aid: Bioactive enzyme in coconut water will improve the digesion system and metabolism. Smoothens the digestive system and regularizes the body digestive system effectively.
  7. Essential Electrolytes combination: Its has basic and major electrolytes combination, which takes part in improving body regular functionality system. Those are Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium and Sodium, Potassium. These are plays key role to improve electrical potential in cells.
  8. Improves immune functionality: It fights with immune system to improve cells to prevent from diseases. It avoids major fungal and bacterial diseases. This is the best suggest able drink when the immunity system become lower. It restore the system and controls the body functionality.

Coconut Water is the best beverage in the world03

Facts Table

Below table show the percentages of different vitamins and calories by comparing coconut water with sports drink.

Details Coconut Water Sports Drink
Faster result 47% 78%
Proteins 1.8g 0
Fat content 0.5g 0.1g
Carbs 9g 19g
Sugar 6.4g 15g
Calcium 6% 0.2%
Fiber 11% 0
Energy 4% 1%
Alcohol depletes 17% 1%
Sodium 11% 2%
Vitamin C 10% 0
Vitamin niacin 1% 19%
Vitamin B6 5% 20%
Vitamin B-12 0 55%

By observing above table, definitely we will prefer to buy coconut water only. Bottom line is no competition to the natural drink coconut water. Coming to sports drink there is simply added vitamins and nutrients feels good to athlete. There is no specific natural resource for the ingredients which included in sports drink, they are mostly artificial ingredients, which helps to regenerate body quickly.

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