6 Tips To Overcome Facial Fat

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6 Tips To Overcome Facial Fat
Facial fat increases with the increasing weight, accumulated fat in the face makes the whole body to look fat. More conspicuous cheek bones and a prominent chin are the desire to the women who looks fat. It is easily can obtain with several surgeries available in the market by affording lots of money and time. But without these factors they can be obtained with a little effort everyday with in no time by following some healthy diet and some workouts to get beautiful and thin cheekbones.
1. Cut down The Calories: Calories intake to be limited to 500-1000 calories, helps to lose one to two pounds a week. Meals proportion is to be observed in small meals with large intervals that is six meals every day with good amount of nutrients. Junk foods are to strictly avoid as they are rich in sodium and the sodium intake leads to increasing water levels which makes the appearance to bloated.
2. Scheduled Right Diet: Calcium intake in our regular diet helps to flush out the extra water from the body, hence it reduces puffiness. Foods like broccoli, leafy vegetables, beans, oranges, dry fruits and herbs are rich in calcium. Protein also plays a vital role in balanced diet. Protein rich foods are fish, egg whites, lean meat, tofu etc. also these foods keeps appetite full by reducing craving.
3. Increase Water Intake: Drinking lots of water makes healthy and flushing out the toxins out of your body. By observing you in front of mirror shows whether you are taking sufficient water or not by looking at the puffiness of your face. So ensure of drinking 2 to 3 liters of water daily and during summers increase the water intake as the body dehydration is more in this season compared to the other seasons.
4. Replace With Good Fats: All fats are not harmful, there are also good fats such as mackerel fish, tuna, salmon and nuts such as almonds. These foods help in reducing the excess fat that is accumulated in the body by replacing them with good fats.
5. Quit Smoking And Alcohol: Alcohol and smoking are the typical reasons for fat accumulation in the body as they make skin to sag and leads to bloating. Avoid smoking and drinking as possible makes a way to decrease your facial fat.
6. Work Outs: regular exercise makes one healthy and energetic. There are also some exercises for a healthy face. For this you just fill your cheeks with air as much as you can and hold it for 5 seconds and slowly release it. Repeat the process for every 15 minutes. Double chin can be reduced by holding a tennis ball in between the chin and chest for 10-15 seconds when time is permitted.
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