6 Advantages with Aromatherapy

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6 Advantages with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one kind of treatment or prevention procedure to avoid health issues such as brain weakness, limb problems and joints etc. This therapy majorly done by using some essential oils. By following a procedure which comes from the olden days, this is going to perform. Most of the cases it works effectively and result oriented therapy. Mainly aromatherapy focuses on creating positive and active mood, cognitive, psychological well being. In this therapy plant oils and plant materials like leafs, stems, skin etc and essential oils are being used in aromatherapy.

6 Advantages with Aromatherapy

Holistic healing, rejuvenate the mind, body with the use of fragrance or aroma. This oldest method differs from person to person depends upon the situation and problem which majorly suffers with and type of environment where the person is living. By considering all these kinds of information only the type of materials which have to use in aromatherapy will be decided. Now a day it becomes more popular due to heavy work tensions and environment pollution makes the health weaker and mental stress. Most of the people prefer to take aromatherapy because of natural and oldest method and result oriented and majorly no side effects with this.

The oldest procedure mainly focuses on oil temperature and place of therapy. In the procedure majorly below steps involve:

ü  Choosing proper oil and method

ü  Heating oil in a specific temperature

ü  Using a special bowl for this oil to store and also to use in therapy

ü  Body posture adjustment and setting specific angle and length to do therapy

ü  Pouring oil in a specific measurement on that particular body part

ü  Continuing the process with a specific time interval and number of times.

ü  Oil choosing and temperature maintaining are the major problems to check and follow

ü  Improper way of therapy will lead to useless, but there will not be definitely no side effects with aromatherapy.

Modes of Application:

I.            Aerial diffusion: Environmental fragrance takes major part in this therapy. By selecting different kinds of fragrance materials inhaling it to the body and specific parts this therapy will do and this is more effective and environmental friendly and natural fragrance materials only use in this therapy.

II.            Direct Inhalation: This is majorly for respiratory disinfection and decongestion as well as for psychological effects. This method effects directly on a specific location of the body part and this can be healed as quicker as possible. This is completely direct process which can be focused on body parts and can absorb in to the body also. Stress levels and psychological problems can also be healed.

  1. Topical applications: In this therapy natural and normal baths with different kinds of flowers and bathing tubs and fragrance materials will come under this therapy. Skin care and body massage also comes under this therapy which mainly reduces the pains and relaxing the body part and absorbing freshness of the materials in to the body. This is completely topical application and any material used in this therapy is only for outer body part only and all are works effectively.

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Major health benefits with aromatherapy:

  1. Reduces stress: Major problem with all kinds of persons is increasing stress levels. There are number of problems to increase stress like heavy work load, improper work hours, lack of sleep, continues work hours etc. In aromatherapy by using oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Vetiver, Lemon oil and Ylang Ylang which are best for reducing stress levels and free of mind. This relaxant works effectively and there is no side effects with this therapy.
  2. Reduces Depression: Due to lack of vitamins availability most of the people get in to deep depression. Added to that problems in office, home and like financial, family and other reasons are all push in to depression. This cause to number of side effects. This problem can also be resolved by aromatherapy. In aromatherapy also essential oils play major role and that is the basic material which required for therapy.
  3. Avoids Insomnia: Insomnia which causes mainly health problems and huge disruption in daily life. Treating this in aromatherapy can be made possible by using essential oils only. Major health problem faced with Insomnia is lack of sleep and this can be possible to avoid by aromatherapy. Most of the people are dying with these problems every day all over the world. It increases the stress levels and body condition becomes more conflict.
  4. Pain relief: Major health issues starts with small pain only. Body pains and joint pains, especially migraine which suffers a lot and these all are tend to increase additional problems in the body. Earlier prevention is the only best option to avoid long term problems. Natural scent, Clary sage are the best for reducing or relieves from pain. This is widely most of the people prefer and it is more effective.
  5. Blood pressure balancing: Aromatherapy is also having a good source to balance or improves the blood pressure. It balances the blood circulation levels in the body and can reduce the problems causes in circulatory system and as well as increases the efficiency of the transport system. By taking this most of the blood pressure situation can be avoid.
  6. Avoids Migraine: Most of the people facing another important problem is migraine or head ack. This is mainly can observe in ladies. Sensitive bodies easily cause to migraine. Most of the medicine which are suggest to reduce migraine are side effective and in long term it won’t give any good result, additionally increase the health issues. The best way for this is taking aromatherapy with natural plant extracts and plant oils. In saviour cases essential oils can also be used.

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Oils and fragrance materials which are used for aromatherapy are extracts from plants, flowers and nuts only. Primarily extracted materials are composed with one another to produce required material for therapy. Few oils are extracted from stems and few are from seeds also. This natural extracted material based aromatherapy totally non side effective and it comes from oldest days. Not only that it is more effective and once the problem rectified it won’t repeat again if proper precautions are followed only. Raw herbs power or pastes can also works effectively.

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