Health Advantages Of Miswaak

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Advantages Of Miswaak:
1. Miswaak helps in strengthening gums and in preventing tooth decay.
2. Miswaak eliminates the toothaches and prevents decay to persists further.
3. Miswaak helps in maintaining health of mouth by creating fragrance.
4. Miswaak helps in curing illness.

5. Miswaak improves the taste of mouth by eliminating bad odors.
6. Miswaak cures headaches very effectively and also memory improves.
7. With the use of this herb daily, luster in the face is created.
8. Teeth glows with the help of Miswaak
9. Miswaak helps in strengthening the eyesight.
10. Miswaak plays a vital role in digestion process.
11. Voice gets cleared by Miswaak.
Benefits Of Miswaak:
1. Improves the taste by eliminating bad odors from mouth:
As per the Allamah Ibn Daqiq “the great property that lies in the miswaak is during the sleep bad odors from the stomach develop towards mouth, also a change in the taste of mouth occurs. By using Miswaak regularly helps rectifying bad odors and change in the taste of mouth.

2. It helps in sharpening memory.
3. Eliminates fungus and maintains a healthy and balanced life style.
4. Fragrance is created in mouth by using it regularly.
5. It is beneficial to the mouth and over all body.
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