Best Health Benefits With Salt

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Salt is the natural food ingredient, which is used widely all over the world. Most of the salt product extracted from the sea water. Some salt products can be extracted from rocks and from other resources with tastes like salt. Rock salt is the best food ingredient to consume compare with sea salt. Salt mainly includes sodium and iodine contents. Most of the salt purifiers can’t be remove sodium levels in salt. But recently best purifiers are removing sodium content in the salt. Purified and refines salt will contain less amount of sodium and little more amount of iodine levels which is more important for brain growth.

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In over all salt product only 6% is used in food for consuming purpose and remaining 94% of salt is going to use in 14,000 different products. Major part around 68% used for industrial chemicals and 12% for water conditioning and 8% of salt used for high way deicing and 6% for agricultural uses. Salt play the best role to control ice. In western countries salt covers the roads and highways. It affects to control the travelling vehicles and air transport too. To overcome this problem majorly they use salt to sprinkle on ice to melts ice and clear the ice from the roads.

More benefits with salt in our daily use are as follows.

  • Industrial usage: Most of the chemical changes made by the NaCl (Sodium chloride). NaCl reacts with most of the chemical elements to form different kinds of products. Major part of the salt is used in plastic, glass, polyester, rubber and fertilizer and house hold industrial products like bleach, soap, detergents and dyes etc. Chemical industries and their products generates un wanted and environment problematic chemicals is going to release in the form of air and liquid. Liquid for of waste chemical production can be reduce by using salt, salt converts waste chemical products in the form of precipitate form which can be dump in to the ground and it won’t spoil environment.
  • Stained hankies can be removed by using salt. Before washing it add little bit salt and soak for a while and then wash it. Simply strains can be removed.
  • Keep away ants and other small creatures in the shelves by sprinkling little bit salt.
  • Cleans sink drains by pouring small amount of salt with hot water. By pouring this liquid can remove but it by little bit wash with brush can give shiny sink.
  • Clean refrigerator without any smell and it can remove bacteria content grown in the refrigerator. Regular cleaning can show the good result.
  • Basically salt water can create rust on iron material, but salt can also easily removes rust part on different objects. Mixing of salt and tartar can create white paste. By applying this paste on rust parts and rubbing it can remove the rust material.

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  • Cleans copper and brass materials, by adding salt and flour, vinegar, mix well and rub with this paste on copper or brass material and keep it for while and clean with water. Shiny and clear material will come out.
  • It can also used to check the freshness of the egg. Add two tablespoons of salp in a glass of water and mix it well then drop one egg in the salt solution water and observe. If the egg is fresh then it sink in the salt solution or else it overlap on the surface of the solution.
  • Keeps fruits fresh, most of the fruits with carbohydrate rich content are get brown in colour after cutting the in a minute. To avoid such problem and keep them fresh just sprinkle little bit salt on the surface after cutting them. Not only fruits but also it can keep flowers also fresh, by sprinkling little bit of salt water on top of the flowers can keep the freshness long time.
  • Soaked cloth in salt water solution will keeps cheese fresh by covering the cheese with that cloth it can be possible.
  • Faded cloths or rugs can be brightening by washing with salt water. It elevates the coloured particles in the clothes. Also remove blood stains from the clothes, by wrinkle little bit salt precipitate in the cloth and keep it for few minutes and then wash it.
  • Salt majorly used in textiles industry for dye and colouring in a regular manner. Which hold the colour and keeps the brightness of the cloth for longer time.
  • Salt can also be used for personal care like cleaning teeth, take small amount of salt instead of paste to tooth powder, brush with salt and observe the change. It can also regenerate gum strength of the teeth. To improve the life time of tooth brush, before using first time keep the brush in salt water for few minutes.
  • Reduce the bee bite pain. With immediate effect for bee bite pain, take small amount of salt and apply on the beaten part with little bit water, it can give relief from the pain.
  • Reduce the stomach pain if it is due to unwanted material storage or bad bacteria growth in the stomach can be killed. Take a glass of hot water and add one table spoon of salt and take it, within few minutes it can give relief from that pain.

Health benefits of salt

  • Any small bacteria problems raised in the body can be healed with simple home remedy. By taking salt with warm water can heal the problem and kills the bacteria, but prior medicine taking is advisable.
  • Fresh mouth smell can be made easy, add equal amount of salt and baking soda and mix it well with glass of water and rinse the mouth with this water. Long time mouth freshness can be possible.

These are the few advantages with salt. More than 100 different types of uses are possible with salt. Salt takes best part majorly in industries and agriculture. Using salt and extracting salt is the major part and removing excess amount of sodium and making best salt by adding iodine content to the salt is also best part in the extraction. Rock salt is also best and advisable for consume with food.

Most of the salt resource is only from sea water. Extraction process made convenient compare with olden days and its purification process also best in the industries.

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