5 Simple And Easy Ways To Gain Weight

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5 Simple And Easy Ways To Gain Weight
People who are weight less and skinny, are not may not healthy. The health depends on the body BMI where height and weight are in balanced figures. People who are less weight also may face some health problems being under weight and less than body BMI. The following are some tips to put on some weight and to become healthy.
1.      Eating vigorously wrong foods with high amounts of fats and cholesterol may not help in gaining weight. They may cause several health problems such as depositing bad cholesterol and unsaturated fats. So eating fast foods and high calorie foods may not help in this case. Keep eating fruits like bananas and healthy fat foods for every four hours without skipping meals.
2.      Eat healthy and nutritious foods such as full cream milk, vegetable and fruit salads, fish eggs, soy, curd, lentils, pulses etc, in your regular diet.
3.      Foods which are packed with nutrients in small portions such as peanuts which is made of ghee instead of low fat oil and use virgin olive oil in your regular diet to gain weight in a healthy way.
4.      A heavy meal with high fatty foods before going to bed is the best option to gain weight. By following this it is more useful to people who wants to gain weight as the dinner before going to bed ensures all the nutrients and fats are stored in the body, there is also no physical activity and helps in weight gain.
5.      In addition to the above tips, most important tip to follow is staying hydrated with consuming more water and fluids. Take advice from a physician or a well experienced trainer for a healthy weight gain.
Before following the above instructions, it is advised to visit doctor to ensure that there are no health problems in gaining weight and to maintain a balanced and a healthy weight gain.
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