10 Foods To Get Flat Stomach

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10 Foods To Get Flat Stomach
1.Pista And Almond:The best nuts to trim down your belly is the combination of pista and almond.It gives quick result in trimming the body and can be added to snacks undoubtedly because it is rich in protein and fiber which assists to tone the body as needed.
2.Sea Food(Fish:Salmon and mackerel):These both type of fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is peculiar brain function and helps in slimming the body. In the process of slimming body, it is advised to choose oily fish because it contains high proteins. Salmon contains lean protein, it is best to consume it grilled or steamed and serve with a lemon for best results.
3.Dandelion:If the weight is due to excess water in the body, the best remedy to flush out the water is dandelion roots, if these are consumed in the form of root tea or herbal tea, they ingredient which is available in dandelion helps to flush the excess fluids and sodium out of the body.
4. Tomatoes: Tomato is the best and easy available food which plays a vital role in weight loss. The anti oxidants contained in tomato helps in fighting fat and reduce the water retention and inflammation that is caused in the body. It contains the special mineral called leptin, which helps in controlling the appetite and metabolism of the body.
5. Cucumber (Kheera): Cucumber belongs to the family of melon which has the properties of melon in controlling fat and reducing weight. It helps in minimizing the water retention and bloating. Combine lunch with cucumber, mint as a salad.
6. Peanuts: It is true…! peanuts helps in losing weight, consuming small amount of peanuts between meals could stop you from eating more. Peanuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids and fiber.
7. Citrus Fruit: Citrus fruits have the capacity of reducing calories by converting in to energy. Consuming half fruit of orange before every meal or drinking three glasses of orange juice daily ensure to lose weight (approx   in 12weeks more than 2kgs).
8. Artichokes: Artichokes helps in quickening the digestive process as it is rich in fiber. It ensures relief from abdomen bloating, it is recommended for the people   who suffer with digestive  disorders which is termed as irritable bowel syndrome.
9. Papaya: It is one of the best foods for getting flat belly quickly, as it contains natural occurring enzymes  which helps in digesting the food protein and it breaks down food quickly and easily.
10. Brown Rice: The rice which can be consumed with out any regrets is Brown rice. It is the right choice of rice to choose from if you are looking to flat the belly and lose weight in faster way .It is rich in vitamin B which has the property of burning calories briskly.
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