10 Tips To Reduce Abdominal Fat

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                                          10 Tips To Reduce Abdominal Fat
Abdominal fat is considered to be a common problem for many in these times, it can be reduced by taking some simple steps. Let us see the widest ten tips that can control abdominal fat
1.Eat Correct:
Abdominal fat is primarily caused due to the food that it is taken in wrong way,80 % of the people under go this problem by eating take aways, fast foods etc. It is prescribed to take balanced diet with sufficient micro and macro nutrients, if time do not allow to cook and eat the home food, then choose fresh vegetables and fruits or semi cooked vegetables.
2.Water Intake:
Drinking water at regular intervals is very best way to control food cravings. Many people ignore to drink water when they feel hungry or thirsty and opt for junk foods or fast foods. It is advised to drink 6-8 glasses of water as part of your regular intake, so always carry a water bottle and habituate to sip water with out fail which reduces hunger and thirsty and helps to maintain body metabolism properly. Drink water according to your weight by calculating BMI.
3.Short Intakes:
It is well known that reducing food helps in burning fat, but not only reducing food intake, it is known according to studies that food must be taken in small amounts with increased number of times. Doing regular exercise and walking also helps in burning fat easily and in quicker way.
4.Cut Down Sugar:
If the main aim is to reduce belly fat, it is advised to strictly prohibit the sugar intake in regular food, if you think sugar in hidden form, then cut down the food that is hidden and in spite of that add alternatives like Honey, palm sugar, licorice extract etc.
5.Decrease Salt Consumption:
Sodium plays a vital role in increasing belly fat, so reduce the salt intake in diet, apart from this also make sure cut down the intake of other salts like potassium salt, lemon salt, sea salt can be considered. Include pepper powder and some other herbs to your food makes food healthy and also the better way to reduce sodium intake.
6.Increase Vitamin C:
Carnitine is the most important for burning fat, it is secreted widely by vitamin C, fat converts in to energy by carnitine. It also plays a vital role in blocking cortisol,which is a hormone that secreted by the body that leads to stress. The main reason for abdominal fat is spike that is generated by cortisol.
7.Foods That Burn Fats:
There are several foods in our kitchen that burns fat in quicker way, these are considered as natural ways of burning fat. Garlic, ginger, onion, pepper, tomato, cabbage and spices like cinnamon and mustard seeds helps in burning fat. Consuming a few cloves of garlic and a small amount of ginger in the empty stomach keeps body metabolism properly. A glass of warm water with lemon and honey is the best and ancient remedy treated for weight loss. Always prefer fat burning foods when you feel hungry.
8.Consume Healthy Fats:
Healthy fats are required to reduce the bad cholesterol, they are available in Avocados, olive oil, nuts, coconuts are the few sources of good cholesterol that helps to minimize the bad cholesterol.
9.Do Not Starve Without Breakfast:
Skipping break fast is the major blender during weight loss. Many of us think by skipping the breakfast leads to fat burning, but instead of reducing it happens to be the main source of abdominal fat. Studies in recent times says that smaller portion and increased number of times is the main key for healthy metabolic rate which is widely considered as weight management. Snack healthy foods when you feel hungry instead of saturated fats, it is advisable to take dry fruits, nuts, veggies, fresh fruits etc.
10.Sleep In Time:

Sleep in regular timings with adequate amount of sleep is very important in managing the weight.6-8 hours sleep Is very necessary for the people who wants to reduce sleep. Recent studies says that, both sleeping over time or inadequate sleep causes weight gain. It also leads to health disorders like cardiac problems or diabetic conditions.

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