Causes And Home Remedies For Tonsillitis (Tonsils)

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Causes And Home Remedies For Tonsillitis (Tonsils)
Tonsils: Tonsils play a vital role in building immunity, it fights against infections. The tonsils which are in almond shape protect our body from several bacteria and virus that enters into the body and acts as a protective shield. But some times they itself affected by the germs that enters into the body. When the tonsils infect by the germs, tonsils get swollen and the feeling of inconvenience generates. In some cases, they show the symptoms of white spots which indicate the causes of infection.
Tonsillitis in several conditions, effect children compared to adults. It is more common in school going children as they are prone to infections in common. A child with a tonsillitis back ground is more affected by this well known tonsillitis. In several cases it is not serious problem but in some cases it may lead to chronic diseases where there is a need of specific treatment. Removing of these tonsils with a surgery may cause several side effects including several infections that enter into the body as it is considered as the last resort to restrict infections.
To prevent tonsils surgery it may be sufficient to take some personal care and home remedies that helps in curing tonsils.
Symptoms Of Tonsillitis:
o   Swollen Tonsils
o   Tonsils coating may be in yellow or green in color.
o   The area around tonsils looks inflamed and red.
o   Neck area gets swollen.
o   Inconvenient while swallowing.
o   Pain in ear area.
o   Frequent fever
o   Headache
o   Bad breath/odor in breath
o   Sore Throat
o   Change/lose of voice
o   Cold and cough
o   Runny nose
o   Recurring cold
o   Stomach pain
o   Redness/itching of eyes.

Causes Of Tonsillitis:
Tonsillitis is generally caused by viral and bacterial infection. The bacteria that are the cause of sore throat may lead to tonsillitis, it is a contagious disease. It is more prone to a person who is in physical contact or by a person who sneezes around him/her. It is a highly contagious disease, so there should be special care to be taken especially in the case of kids to keep away from the people who are affected with the tonsillitis.
Tonsillitis can also be affected from foods such as processed, canned, cool drinks and ice creams. Eating foods which are high in sugar and fats may also lead to this type of disease. In some cases environmental changes may also lead to tonsillitis. Sudden weather changes, extreme cold weather, damped weather may lead to this infection.
Home remedies For Tonsillitis:
Tonsillitis can be treated with proper medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Including this medication with ancient home remedy of salt water gargle can give relief to sore throat and swollen tonsils. Salt water cleanses the mouth and throat and prevents infection to build over tonsils.
Some other treatments for tonsillitis:
·         Lime is considered as the best home remedy for tonsils. Lime juice mixed with warm water, honey and salt gives great relief in case of swollen tonsils.
·         Boiled milk taken with a pinch of turmeric powder and black pepper powder gives relief up to some extent. Follow this remedy for at least three nights before going to bed as the last feed.
·         Body’s immune system will be developed by drinking fresh juice of beetroot, carrot or cucumber. They three can be mixed together and can be taken to get best results.
·         Fenugreek seeds play a vital role in boosting immunity, as a result infections can be prevented. Boil fenugreek seeds in water for half an hour, make it cool and strain them. Gargle with the mixture in a day 2 to 3 times. Its anti bacterial properties keeps infections at bay.
·         Boil fresh figs, make them into paste and apply the resultant paste to external area of tonsils to get a great relief.
·         Alum powder also gives better relief, apply alum powder on the external area of tonsils or also gargle with alum and water mixture to prevent further infections to develop.

Diet For Tonsillitis:
In case of tonsillitis, it is better to take liquid foods for few days as it gives instant relief from tonsils. It is also suggested to intake of fresh fruit juice diet in case of tonsils. Consuming only  orange juice and water at the time of tonsils increases immunity and fights against infections.
Before introducing solid diet it is advised to switch to fresh fruits in your daily diet. Make sure your diet should be rich in fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains as these foods boosts immunity very effectively.
Intake of plenty fluids and fresh fruit juices in daily diet may help sore throat to recover quickly as this keeps dehydration at bay. Foods such as carbonated drinks, coffee and tea should be avoided at the time of tonsillitis as this leads to inconvenience while swallowing.
Ice creams gives great relief at the time of tonsils, though this may sound odd, but it is true. People who are undergone tonsillectomy will be given ice cream at the period of their recovery. Eating ice creams at the time of tonsillitis can give a great relief.

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