Simple and Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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Simple and Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

  •     Good sleep will gives result and relief from stress too.Overload of many things in your mind increase hormone cortisol which will effect on immune function.
  •     Should avoid tobacco usage.It will affect the high immune defenses and problem arise of bronchitis.Because of smoking of other kids will get high ear infections too.
  •     Better to high very less percentage of alcohol in drink.More consumption also major possibility of gives trouble on immune system.Direct affect of lung infections too.
  •     Add more vegetables,fruits,nuts,seeds in regular food.These will provide more nutrients on immune systems need.
  •     Spent some time in early hours sunlight.Everyone knew that Sunlight natural production for vitamin D for skin.Compare to adult kids need to be stay on sunlight more 15 minutes.
  •     Garlic is the high booster for immune also act as antimicrobial.Simply have 2-3 raw garlic for best result in immune system.
  •     Even in mushrooms hold high medical values.Add small amount of shiitake and maitake in food instead of having raw.If you want some flavors for good taste while eat mushrooms.

More Do’s and Don’ts

  1.     Use very less amount of sugar recommended to avoid complete sugar.Sugar acids will week the whiteblood cells.For sugar flavor addicts use sugar free piles in tea or coffee.
  2.     In cooking avoid high fate oils and use vegetables oil,corn oil,sunflower oil to control cholesterol in your body.
  3.     Who are over weight need to control the weight first and maintain the weight according to the height.Overweight affect majorly on immune system.
  4.     Avoid more stress and take good rest in fine time.sleeping time should be minimum 6-8 hours.Stress free relax time help in immune system.
  5.     Regular exercises and yoga also proven your immune system.

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