Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home

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Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home

It is very often bothering about fat at legs area.People not focus much on lower fat that occupied major part.So in this article we are going to suggest few of things that may help to lose Leg fat very quickly.There is not particular post reduction in human body.If anyone want to lose fat on legs that need toworkout on whole body, only thing is apply more stress on muscles at the spot to reduce the fat.To reduce good weight on legs and control the fat at their need to concentrate on Cardiovascular exercises and maintain healthy diet.Few exercises are for particularly to make leg muscles good move and shape well too.Before start keep 3 things in mind those are Leg Toning Exercises,Cardivoscular and healthy diet.

Follow Cardiovascular Exercises Effect Overall Fat

Cardiovascular Exercises is not only for legs these are for lose weight from anywhere in Humanbody.Cardiovascular Exercises need to do least 1 hour and 5 days in a week.Few other exercises like running,Jumping rope,bicycling are most effective to reduce legs weight also help to shape it properly.Running is most effective exercise that helping lose legs fat and compare to Cardiovascular Exercises it is good one.Cardiovascular Exercises pack the muscles and burn the fat cells.Aerobic exercise increase heart rate and boost metabolism but it should be do under trainee supervision.

Note: While running do not forget to wear running shoes to avoid foot pain.

Follow the below:

  •     Star running today least time of 30-40 minutes everyday.
  •     Initially do not try to run more time it will effect additional pain and not possible to do next day.Suggest to gradually update the running time and distance too.
  •     Some times it is not possible to run continously so take breaks and start running
  •     For faster fat burning Interval training is recommended.If possible while running change the way like bit jogging and medium speed walking.
  •     Segregate one hour time like do Run for 10-15 minutes and change to jogging for 10-15 minutes then walk for 10-15minutes this change will boost the energy and inspire to do more time too.
  •     If you follow the above very soon it will build to run more time and more distance too.

It is very easy exercise that Cycling better than running and it is very impact to burn high fat cells too.Moving to more distance on running suggested to try new exercise that is Cycling.

Ride On Cycling

Cycling is best exercise in Cardiovascular Exercises also it will pump up heart functionality and help to reduce unnoticed weight too.To toning leg muscles also cycling is very good exercise.Also shape it your hips by sitting on bicycle.

Note:Gym going people it is very common thing Bicycle in every gym.

Follow this:

  •     Before start ride your bicycle set up time time for your reference too.
  •     If you start cycling in morning hours it will be like 30-60 minutes incase it will evening hours that is very near to sleeping time do cycling least 3-4hours.That may disrupt your sleep and you will be set it normal in morning wakeup.
  •     In some cases it is not possible to do cycling at that time use bike to reach your destination like office, this transport will help to good move your body instead of Car transport.
  •     Even the above is not possible better to join in the Gym anyway bicycle will be available in every gym.Least hit the Gym 5 days in a week to see the others activity in gym automatically it motivate to do for sometime.


Another way to enjoy the sport aswell reduce the body weight Swimming is best option.Everyone enjoy the joy of do swimming.Swimming is best option to do high exercise and listed in top 2 exercise to reduce body weight.Swimming is one stright way to refresh your body with water and rest is good exercise .

Follow This:

  •     Do swim everyday nearly 30-40minutes to reduce good amount of weight.
  •     In swimming also do breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly or freestyle to move overall body and help for perfect body shape too.
  •     For initial stage swimmers follow that waist deep in water and move the body according to that.It is well known that in water body weight is very less and it is almost 90% less compare to out of water so easy to do several moments in water.
  •     While swimming do follow sidewards, downwards,across, down and back moves for 10-15 minutes.In moments change the position and shuffle left and right.
  •     Stand in water on right leg and do flamingo movement.For additional support hold pool.Bend left leg till knee down and place left feet over right knee.hold on this position for some time which your waist should be deep in water.Now movie left knee sidewards and back wards towards right knee.Do this process for 10-15 minutes.Later change the leg position and repeat the steps.
  • Rare moments gives good result to reduce inner and outer fat too.Regular Swimming help to reduce overall body weight.

Leg Toning Exercises

For legs best exercises are Squats and lunges.It should be squats and lunges 2-3 days in a week.For more resistance add dumbbells.It will help to toning leg muscles.There are few other exercises that are for lose fat faster and those are pretty simple to do.


Follow This:

  •     First stand on your legs very straight at the hip width.
  •     Lets widen legs a bit more.
  •     Now keens should be bend and take position upper body back and bend towards down and sit down on chair.
  •     Hold it for sometime and avoid to knees extend over toes.
  •     Now back to your initial position by doing straighten legs.Do this procedure for 10times
  •     For better resistance hold dumbbells.

Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home-05

Follow This:

  •     Similar to above position that need to Stand straight on your legs at hip-width.
  •     Now chest remains lifted and chin up.
  •     Take a step with left leg towards forward.
  •     Now position bend down very straight and bring left knee over the top of feet.
  •     Right knee should point towards floor that is downwards.
  •     Hold for few seconds and then push back to the beginning position.
  •     Do this same with right leg now.
  •     Repeat this procedure with left and right as well.
  •     Based of your body stamina repeat it for 10-12 times.
  •     Directly do not attempt to multiple sets increase day by day up to 10-12 sets.

Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home-04
Reverse Lunge

Follow This:

  •     First stand very straight on feet bit wider than hip-width.
  •     Now it backward with leg and lower hips till front thigh parallel to floor..
  •     Remember that knee will be directly over ankle and foot.Hold this position for 5 minutes.
  •     Now back to the normal position, repeat this with other.
  •     Do this same for least 8-10 repetitions.Repeat with the other.
  •     Increase the sets day by day upto 10.

Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home-03
Side Leg Raise

Follow This:

  •     Do lie down on left side.
  •     Now keep head rest on left arm and right harm should on floor in from of chest
  •     Left leg should touch the ground and right leg on top of left leg.
  •     Slightly raise right leg above as much as you can raise, hold it for few seconds.
  •     Now back to normal position the left leg, do this for least 5 times.
  •     Back to back change the position that lie on right side and repeat the process now.
  •     Repeat this process 5 times will be one set.
  •     Start with one set and increase slowly upto 3-4 sets.
  •     To protect knees place bands on both legs at knees position.

Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home-02

Follow This:

  •     First lie down to lefthand side.
  •     Your knees and hips will bent to 45 degrees now.
  •     Right leg should on over the left leg.
  •     It is very noted thing is heels should stay together at the time of exercise.
  •     When your heels together left leg should touch the ground and raise right knee up as much as possible, heels should be stay together.
  •     Maintain this position for few seconds.
  •     Back to the normal position, repeat this process 5 times.
  •     Change the other leg and do this procedure again, similarly repeat this for 5 times.
  •     Increase the sets day by day and change the legs while repeat the sets.

Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home-01

Hip Raise

Follow this:

  •     Do lie down towards back and face up and look towards roof.
  •     Now bend the knees and take feet bit towards hips, remember feet should touching floor.
  •     Hands should be straight on both sides, press heels and form diagonally from shoulders to knees, Hold this position for sometime.
  •     Back to normal position and repeat this process for 10 times.10 times is equal to 1 set.
  •     Everyday increase the sets every day that will also increase the body stamina levels.

Tips To Lose Leg Fat Quickly At Home
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