9 Tummy Flattening Foods

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9 Tummy Flattening Foods
Flat tummy is the dream for every one specially for a mother, shredding the extra pounds that is gained during pregnancy deserves some exercise and diet that contribute to weight loss. There are some foods which helps in water retention in the body and flattens the stomach and also helps in digestion. Let us have a look on the foods that tends to flat belly….
1.Tomatoes: These are termed as magic fruit for body metabolism. They are rich in antioxidants and supplies an important protein called as leptin to body which is the main ingredient to maintain appetite. Since tomato is very tasty, opt for a glass of tomato juice daily in the morning.
2.Watermelon: We all know that watermelon contains more water (i.e.,91%) which makes it a low calorie diet. With the consumption of watermelon, excess body fluids that causes belly is washed and retains healthy fluids in the body. Since it is rich in water content as our body needs more fluids for flat belly it is the best option to add in your diet.
3.Papaya: Papaya contains an enzyme termed as papain which helps in digestion. So acts as good digesting fruit. It helps to reduce bloating and flattens the belly in the fastest way by breaking down the food you consume quickly.
4.Mushrooms:Mushrooms are rich in dietary fibre which is helps in maintaining bowels properly. It helps in preventing snacking by making appetite full for longer duration.
5.Olive Oil: Many people think that all the oils are to be avoided in the programming for diet in the process of shredding some extra pounds. But olive oil is exception for this category. As it contains a chemical called oleic acid which important to break excess fat in the body. With the consumption of this oil, the monosaturydes which are present in it helps in reducing sugar levels in the blood.
6.Almonds:As per a research by Purdue university it was revealed that though almonds are rich in calories, they does not lead to belly fat. Since they are rich in vitamin E, generates essential oils for beautiful skin. They are also rich in dietary fibre and helps in reducing hunger by keeping stomach satisfied for long time which finally leads to flat stomach.
7.Bananas:Most of the people have the myth that bananas are not that good for weight loss, but the fact is bananas contains potassium which helps in preventing water retention in the body. This is also rich in dietary fibre which makes stomach satisfied for longer duration and curbs the belly fat quickly.
8.Apple Cider Vinegar: The detoxifying properties which are presented in the apple cider vinegar, helps in killing bacteria in the intestine and makes it healthy by reducing water retention in the body and also washes off toxins that harm digestive system.
9.Oats:Oats are no doubt the beat option for break fast, as it kick starts our day in a healthy way by releasing energy slowly and helps in keeping the appetite full by providing less calories and also helps in reducing cholesterol in the blood.
By consuming the above foods regularly with your own time table gives flat stomach within few weeks. 
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