Five Simple Steps For Flat Stomach

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                                                      Flat Stomach: Five Steps Away
Let’s go into the details one by one:
1) The Move: Swivel Chair
This posture can considered one of the ways of getting the pre-pregnancy shape, as said by Tanya Becker, a founder of physique 57, a boutique fitness class which blends ballet, Pilates and isometrics to yield desired results. She along with the co-founder Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi both used this move to bring back the lost shape after giving birth and they now suggest it to the women folk with weak abdomen muscles due to a recent baby, or also in cases were a woman developed weak muscles with a not so recent baby.
            Let’s look at the steps:
  • Take a forearm’s distance stand from waist –high kind of a heavy furniture, with your feet, knees and thighs together. Then slightly place your hands a bit wider than your shoulders on the furniture.


  • With the posture of your upper body facing forward, rotate both the feet and hips to point towards your right hand. Lift your heels and bend the knees over your toes, by lowering your body five to six inches.
  • Try and bend deeper and pulse down and up, while doing this please remember to keep your abs involved, your this posture lifted with your shoulders balanced over you hips and your tailbone pointing towards your heels.
  • Repetitions: 15 slow and 30 fast pulses recorded can show great results.
  • Bonus: Also from the same starting position, you can tuck your hips forward and back at least 30 times  to aim your glutes and the much hard to reach lower-abs.
2)          The Move : Folded “ L”
·         This move starts by placing one of the forearm over the other on a sturdy piece of furniture and lean forward so that your head rest on them, place your feet back so that they’re straight under your hips.
·         Loosen your both knees and then draw your right heel up towards your seat, pointing your toes.
·         Now, lift and lower your right leg about two to three inches.

·         Repetitions: 45 Seconds to 60 Seconds on each leg can fetch wonderful results.
·         Bonus: By extending your leg to carve your hamstring, which creates and extra challenge for your core.
3)          The Move : Relev’e
In a study from the University of Louisville, People started to believe that women who were standing up straight to be thinner than those who were in sitting position – even when these excessively relaxed weighed 20 pounds less on the scale. Train your self to stand straighter with this move from the expert Jennifer Williams, who was a former professional ballet dancer and creator of the fitness program Pop Physique.


·         Start by standing on your heels together and your toes pointed out. Create a circle in front of your chest with your palms facing your body.
·         Slowly lift your selves on to the balls of your feet.
·         Exhale and pull your belly button in and out as though you are tracing the letter “L”. Hold this posture for two counts.
·         Keep the trunk of your body lifted as you slowly lower your heels. Assume that an strong and invisible force is challenging you to come down and you are required to work against this resistance.
·         Pause for two counts and then repeat the posture.
·         Repetitions: at least 15 counts of eight can be good enough.
·         Bonus: When you rise up and down, lift your arms as well.
4)          The Move ‘Handling 2nd Posture’
Williams says that this posture will make you feel in the seat and the thighs , but to maximize the stomach –flattening, the focus must be kept on the abdominal muscles.
·         By stepping your feet two and half feet apart wider than you hips and turn out your toes.
·         The knees should be bend until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

·         One repetition, comprises of going down and up by an inch. Keep the moves simple and controlled by keeping the back straight and tall.
·         Repetitions: 32
·         Bonus:  Lift one heel up a few inches for a count of two, then lower and lift the other heel.
5) The Move: Standing Inclined Strengthener
·   Place the Feet Shoulder at a width distance..
·    Now take a heavy object that might be weighing a kilo or two.
·    Lift the object keeping your arms straight in front of you, don’t forget to tighten the core of your body.
·   While keeping you waist in a constant position, now move the heavy object to your left and again to towards your left.

·   Repetition: Three sets of 20 each can be helpful to a greater extent.
·   Bonus: When you are facing towards your front, between the twists don’t forget to a quick one move.Tags:Flat Stomach,Health Tips,Ehealth,Yoga,beauty Tips,Facial Tips,Exercise Tips ,Daily Tip,Home remedies,Health tips,Ehealthytips,Homeremediesplanet,Skincare tips,Weight loss tips,Weight Gain Tips,Yoga poses,six pack,Easy six pack,six pack in 30 days


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