13 Home Remedies To Treat Kidney Pain

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13 Home Remedies To Treat Kidney Pain

Keep Healthy your Kidneys:

1) Hydrate

Body hydrate is the very important to prevent from the Kidney stones.Highly recommended that having the high number of minerals in the regular water protect from many kidney problems too.Water dilutes urine and avoid the mixing the minerals with slat that form stones.People who are suffering with Kidney stones problem following that drink fresh lemon juice at room temperature.Well known fact is that purified water protect your kidneys all the time.

2) Probiotics

Some of bacteria is good for health and stable our health.Probiotics is good bacteria those microorganism improve digestive health.These bacteria will help on Kidneys while processing waste materials in digestive time and help to prevent of forming Kidney stones.

3) Eat Less Meat

As per the survey eating less meat will be protect your Kidneys and maintain the regulation too.So per day 65 grams of animal protein is good for health and excess of meat may cause of stone formation.Comparing with the Non-veggies puri veggies are safer from the stones forming.

4) Quit Smoking

Smoking will effect more on Kidneys.Highly advice to quit smoking to maintain good kidney health condition.

5) Drink Juice

Having juice regularly also help in good healthy kidney system.Lemon juice and lemon juice with honey are very effective juices.Green juices like Watermelon,green apple juice,Carot juices are best to protect your Kidney health status.

6) Eat These Foods

Eat more zinc and fiber foods.Add berries,peppers,Apples,garlic,onions,Cauliflower to regular meal is better for health.Even cook food with olive oil for kidney effected people.Human body need high fiber so dry fruits contain rich fiber.In snack time take 5-6 almonds every day.

7) Lose Some Weight

Extra body weight or fat in body also one of the main reason to form Kidney stones.So better to regulate the body weight and maintain and reduce the additional weight in body.Obesity is main reason behind the Kidney pain.

8) Ditch the Pain Relievers

Avoid the drugs which  use for pains.In general people are prefer pain killers those are very effect to form the cancer cells cause of Kidney cancer.Researches found that who are using more pain killer dosage are effecting Kidney problems.So prescribe that do not use any pain relives in any form.

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Home Remedies To Get Relief From Kidney Pain

1. Water

As per Doctors advices also if any Kidney related problems water is the very cure drink that from naturally.Water flush toxins quit from body.Every human need to consume atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday.Even having more water prevent forming Kidney stones also dissolve the formed kidneys naturally.

2. Lemon Juice

Yellow Lemon holds plethora of citric acid.It is help to break down the calcium agglomerates in Kidneys.In general who will take lemonade they will pass more urine.It is is good to flushing toxins from body.To reduce the formed stones in Kidneys.

3. Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves herbal properties that can smooth flow water in kidneys also help in smooth urination.These Nettle leaves keep bacteria away and smash the formed stones in kidney naturally.Nettle Tea is recommended to people who are facing Kidney pain.For better result have 3-4 times in day it will cure kidney pain.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

For rich nutrients Whole wheat breads good and it holds the fibers,Magnesium and proteins.These will prevent the formation of oxalate inside.

5. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are very often use in any infection in Kidney and pain too.Also in Kidney stones too.Boil the pods which is inside of beans.Boil for more than 1 hour when it become soft take them liquid and cool it.Drink this liquid several times in a day for beneficial output.

6. Basil(Tulasi)

Basil(Tulasi) herbal tonic for Kidney pain and any infections inside too.Having one tablespoon of basil juice mix with honey will give good result for kidney pain suffering people.Need to do the repeat process least 5 months for permanent solution from Kidney pain.

7. Celery Juice

Celery i contain natural antiseptic properties so drink it’s juice also gives relieving from Kidney pain.Celery juice eliminate toxins from body and avoid the formation of oxalate.Also help to break down the existing stones in kidney.

8. Pomegranates fruit

Pomegranate juice and it’s seeds are use in treat for Kidney pains and internal infections.Pomegranates hold astringent properties helpful to treat cure the formed kidney stones.Who are facing kidney related problems need to have least one glass of pomegranates juice daily or eat one pomegranate everyday.

9. Watermelon fruit

Watermelon is one of the best rich potassium and it help to remove stones.Watermelon regulate acidity levels in urine.In fruits Watermelon is contain high water levels and it is really help in hydrating you body.Watermelon will flush-out waste products from body.

10. Tomato Juice

Tomato is the high fiber and zinc veggi.Having one glass of Tomato juice starting the every day will really effect to relief from Kidney pain.For Kidney pain cut Tomato and wrap in cotton cloth and massage on the back that on pain areas too.

11. Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil also very effect role to reduce in Kidney pain.Mix virgin olive oil with lemon juice and drink this.Taste of this mix will bit not interest but for better result need to drink it.

12. Warm Compress

Warm compress also reduce the kidney pain.Better to out Warm Compress in affected area and massage it for good desired result.

13. Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion Root tea is the best herbal remedy.Have Dandelion Root tea is best hot drink to get rid of kidney pain.This drink clean the kidney and relieve from pain.

Kidney pain Preventive Measures

  1.     Minimum need to drink 5-6L of water every day.
  2.     Avoid stopping urine in mid while passing.
  3.     Strictly do not use any sprays at urinary area.
  4.     Add fibrous food in daily diet.
  5.     Stop contraceptive pills and stop using any condoms and diaphragms which is problem with urinal infections.
  6.     Before Urinate check the places wheater it is hygienic or not.
  7.     Add more juices in your regular drinks specially cranberry juice recommended.
  8.     Avoid the consuming high quantity of sodium in regular diet.
  9.     Recommended to avoid the oxalate create foods in kidneys.Like chocolates,nuts,spinach.

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