The Correct Food Can Prevent Skin Cancer

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The Correct Food Can Prevent Skin Cancer
It is a well known fact that broccoli is one of the best vegetables for health but as per the recent research it has proved that it halts the UV radiation damage to skin cells. An extract out of broccoli made to prove the skin prone to less red compared to the skin which is not treated. Though there is more study to be done to redeem more benefits but it is very good news for broccoli lovers to love it more in order to prevent your skin from skin cancer. It is specifically beneficial to the patients who are prone to skin cancer, though there are several other fruits and vegetables which prevent several diseases but broccoli is particular to skin cancer so try to add this vegetable in your diet.
Some Specific Foods Proved Best For Fighting Cancer:
Blueberries: They are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C which prevents several diseases effectively.
Pomegranate Juice: It is treated as an anti-cancer weapon as it contains poluphenols, isoflavones and ellagic acid which all are best for fighting cancer specially growth of lung cancer.
Sushi Rolls: Fish is very beneficial to health, especially for fighting against cancer.
Selenium: It is highly available in Brazil nuts, tuna, meats and grains or simply you can opt for selenium supplement.
The natural ways like walking and exercise in the fresh air can also act as cancer fighters.
If you notice the following changes, visit doctor immediately
#1. If you notice any changes in skin and blisters/wounds that does not heal in three to four weeks.
#2. Skin surface gets thickening or any wart is observed.
#3. If your mole is oozing, bleeding or crusting with itching or without.
#4. An uneven skin with a scar determined with no edges especially on face.
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