7 Easy Ways For Tan Free Skin

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7 Easy Ways For Tan Free Skin
it doesn’t matter the complexion of the skin you born with, the most important is to maintain the skin with the same complexion without effecting to tan. Though it may not be problem in other seasons like winter and rainy seasons but the main enemy for skin is sun in the summer. It damages the skin where it is exposed to and if you want to dress foe any special occasion it is quite embarrassing to expose your two shades of skin. This will cause a problem in both men and women so to prevent the tan there are some simple and easy ways are suggested below.
#1. Drink as much water as you can, drinking sufficient water is always beneficial to the body as it keeps skin and the entire body hydrated.
#2. Apply a face pack mixing lemon juice, cucumber juice and rose water. Lemon juice is rich in acidic nature where it cures tan and the other ingredients rose water and cucumber juice helps keeping skin itch free and cools down the tan affected area.
#3. Apply the mixture of honey and lemon on the tanned portion.
#4. Though it is a tip from grand mother, it works well for the tanned skin. Apply the mixture of turmeric and milk on the tanned area and scrub gently if necessary make it as face pack for the best results.
#5. Tan may be caused due to accumulation of dead cells. This can be removed with ingredients which are available in kitchen such as curd, gram flour and lemon. Blend all the three ingredients and apply on the tanned area.
#6. Fresh coconut water and aloe Vera gel works wonder when they are applied directly on the affected area.
#7. Following all the above steps and keep in mind one simple step to apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out from the house. Try to wax your skin regularly to get rid of tan and at the same time to make skin glowing.

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