14 Home Remedies For Sparkling Bright Eyes

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14 Home Remedies For Sparkling Bright Eyes
Eyes makes the first and best impression and they are very important organs in the whole body. So it is very necessary to preserve the beauty of charming and beautiful eyes. There are some ancient tips which will now also very beneficial to bright pair of eyes. The first and primary reason for puffiness and tired eyes is lack of sleep. Sufficient sleep not less than six hours daily would be very useful for healthy and beautiful eyes. Try the following home remedies when necessary if you cannot sleep as prescribed.
This is a well known home remedy for tired and puffy eyes. The water content in the cucumber soothes the eyes to make them relaxed and stress free. Cut the cucumber into thick pieces and refrigerate for some time and relax with putting them on eyes for 15-20 minutes or still the pieces get warm.
Tea Bag And Olive Oil:
Tea bags are considered to be one of the best remedies in handy. Both green tea and black tea are rich in bioflavonoid which helps in reducing bacteria that causes inflammation. Place tea bags in freezer to chill and make sure they are wet. Mean while apply olive oil gently with cotton by closing your eyes and place the chilled tea bags on eyes for better results, leave for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off thoroughly and once dried apply moisturizer.
Cold milk acts best for reducing puffiness and tiresome eyes. If you feel that your eyes gets tired just relax for a while by keeping cotton balls soaked in cold milk on eyes. Lie down to relax and place a pillow or towel under your head and close eyes tightly. let it in the position for 10-15 minutes and wash the face and follow with moisturizer.
Strawberries are not only treated as anti aging fruit but also acts as natural remedy for stressful and tired eyes. So many are not aware of this remedy but it gives instant action on puffy eye. Freeze strawberries and cut into slices and keep under the eyes where the puffiness is appeared for 5-10 minutes, this gives you sparkling beautiful eyes by removing puffiness. Besides giving you relaxed eyes, strawberries also soothes your skin as they contain the alpha-hydroxy property which is found in several facial creams. So go ahead eat as many strawberries as you can as it is available or lowest price compared to the expensive face crams and facials.
Try Eye Exercise:
 Give some exercise to your as it helps your eyes to get rid of tiresome and puffiness. Take a pen and move it in vertical and horizontal direction by keeping it in front of your eyes and focus your eyes at the tip of the pen, do this before going to bed.
Eye Hydration: 
Do not stare at computer screen for longer duration. Blink your eyes frequently if you cannot avoid working on computer and take break from your work for every 50-60 minutes.
 Potato also acts very effectively to refresh the eyes like the cucumber does. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and potassium where potassium helps in maintaining the body fluids and helps in skin hydration. It helps absorb the nutrients that are available in food items by the skin to live a healthy and balanced life style. Cut the potato into thick slices and keep it in the fridge for the whole night or 2 hours is also enough, just relax in some comfortable position and keep the slices on eyes and listen to some music, after 10-15 minutes you get a relaxed eyes and feel fresh with your stress free eyes.
Rose Water: 
Rose water is well known for soothing the skin as it reduce body strain and keeps body and mind in fresh condition. It also acts well in soothing the eyes and beneficial for strained and puffy eyes. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties cures acne, wrinkles and sunburn. Take a bowl of rose water and soak two cotton balls in it. Just lay back in a comfortable position and keep the cotton pads on ach of the eyes for 10-15 minutes to a soothing and a relaxed eyes.
Mint Leaves and Honey: 
This is very ancient treatment for eyes but it is very effective. Blend some mint leaves with equal quantities of almond oil and honey and apply the mixture on eyes before going to sleep and wash in the morning for miraculous results.
Lavender Oil: 
Lavender oil acts as mood enhancer as well as relives tiredness of eyes. Take a half liter of water and add few drops of lavender oil to it, dip to cotton pads in it and put in each of the eyes. For best results use this treatment before going to bed.
Honey And Cinnamon: 
Honey and cardamom mixture soothes your eyes and helps to improve eye sight. Mix a pinch of cinnamon powder with few drops of honey and consume the mixture every morning.
Amla provides several health benefits including soothing eyes. Soak a teaspoon of amla powder in a cup of water overnight and in the morning strain the juice and add one more cup of water. Regularly wash your eyes with this mixture and you find noticeable changes in your eyes within few days.
Plenty Of Water Intake: 
Puffiness occurs due to the lack of water content in the body. Drink plenty of water as it flushes out the harmful toxins that results in puffiness and makes eyes healthy and sparkling.
Consume Fruit Juices: 
Fresh fruit juices always beneficial to health in several ways as they supply various vital nutrients and vitamins such as A and C and these vitamins helps pupil to brighten. Try to make your own juice such as orange, carrot and lemon juices.
Above from all the treatments consume protein rich foods such as meat, fish eggs and dairy products which supply the good amounts of fats that are required for the body. These foods not only keeps you healthy and fit, also serves best for sparkling eyes and body metabolism. So enjoy your life as much as you can with a healthy and balanced life style as nothing is worthy than your health and fitness.

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